Zimbabwe:Mnangagwa And Chiwenga fight divides Zimbabwe army

Image by ©️Twitter

(Annews24) Zimbabwe – The political fight between  President Emmerson Mnangagwa and General Constantino Chiwenga over the control of the party and state apparatus has sharply  divided the Zimbabwe National Army it has been alleged.

A Military Intelligence Department source  based in Gweru who spoke to us said while the Army is supposed to pledge loyalty to the constitution and not interfere in the fights between politicians, Zimbabwean Army has been heavily involved in the fights.

“As you are aware of the history of the Zimbabwean Army that it was formed out of the three armies who were part of the war for Independence namely; ZIPRA, ZANLA and Rhodesian Forces. From that period the Army and the party have a umbilical chord that can never be separated. You will understand that the Mgagao declaration to parachute Mugabe to leadership was done by soldiers.” The source said.

“So what you are seeing now is not new. I would be very frank to you mkoma, General PV (Sibanda) is a very professional man who has refused to be drawn into factionalism. He is insisting that all military personnel must always follow the constitution  to uphold the dignity of the armed forces.

“As we speak today there is shifting loyalty in the rank and file of the military. Zimbabwe Presidential Guard which is under the command of Brigadier-General Anselem Nhamo Sanyatwe is very loyal to the President Mnangagwa.

“The sections that are seemingly loyal to General Chiwenga according to my understanding of these dynamics are Pomona Barracks in Mashonaland East , 2 Brigade , 1 Commando, 5 Brigade, 3 Brigade and Inkomo Barracks.”

Factionalism inside ZANU PF has taken a new twist with the emergence of a new faction led by Ambassador Chris Mutsvangwa. Mutsvangwa is pushing for the ouster of General Chiwenga so that he can be  a Vice President thereby positioning himself closer to the Presidency.

Mutsvangwa allegedly used his wife Monica Mutsvangwa to get Acie Lumumba to be drafted in as the Ministry of Finance Communications taskforce so that he can fight smear the Mutsvangwa s opponents.

In  a latest development, ZANU PF Youth League have since poured cold water on the reports that they are planning an anti Chiwenga demonstration on November 12.

“ZANU PF Youth league can never undermine the leadership of the party in any way and VP Chiwenga is part of the party s presidium which is doing great work for the people of Zimbabwe and young people in particular. lt is our strongest suspicion that opposition forces are responsible for the confusion and this can never be allowed ,MDC Alliance have failed to destabilise our country after a lot of effort they must stay away from ZANU PF and its leadership because they are not our members,” Secretary for Youth Affairs Lewis Matutu said in  a statement.