You’re Now Giving Out Money Like Chuck Norris Because Of Bobi Wine Pressure – Uganda Activists To Museveni, The battle is on , Ugandans have joined together in a louder voice saying no to dictatorship. Here is another activist called muwonge . Details


Mr. M7 let me hope you are in yo moods to digest this, am 100% sure today’s political climate that has caused multitudes of youths to join the field regardless of their differences is causing you and your team sleepless nights. You indeed fear the power of the people, but why? I boldly say you fear it because your r fighting it from all angles but guess what we shall never give up, we shall continue the cause.

If indeed Mr. M7 and your team were doing the right thing, no one would bother you, no one would speak against your words if you deal with your ministers who embezzle billions of tax payers money, no one would bother you if you bring to justice those that kill innocent Ugandans, No one would bother you if you fight corruption like the way you fight oppositions candidates, No one would bother you if you inject money in hospitals, schools, vocational schools etc, like the way you inject money in programs that fight your critics. If the way you rush to pay the 20Million to the families of those whose loved ones have been shot by your men is the way you rush to investigate and bring to justice I bet you no one would bother you, No one would bother you if you RESPECT YOUR WORDS,

But because what you are doing is contrary to what is expected of you, because what you do is the total opposite of what you say that’s why majority have stoop up in defense for what is right.  Instead of listening and digesting the message that comes from their cry, you are instead injecting billions to fight, kill, spread false accusations and propaganda with the aim of dividing us more, with the aim of tarnishing #Bobiwine’s name. Fighting the people won’t help you mr gundi, and it will not solve any problem, you r now fighting us Ugandans, I tell you Mr. M7 With this strong wind of change that sweeps minds of millions of Ugandans, a time is coming when yo money will do nothing, actually it’s happening, your money is being taken every now and then but people continue to show love and support to this remarkably intelligent and young devoted compatriot, #Bobiwine

#Bobiwine has indeed put you under pressure, Your government is seriously under pressure from the people, people want results but all they see is the total opposite of what they expect, they want to see those that kill innocent Ugandans brought to justice, (RIP KIRUMIRA, YASIINI, ARONDA, ABIRIGA, KAWEESI, NEBANDA, MAYOMBO, KIGUNDU, ALL THE MUSLIMS brothers, ETC). People want to see something done with the high unemployment rate, the increasing corruption, TAXES OMG, people want to see something done to the increasing number of MPS that take our money for nothing, People want services, and they want to be served as Ugandans regardless of their religion, tribe, age, and political affiliation. You have work to do but you guys are not doing the work. Why is it okay for you to give their families 20 million but you cant investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators? Millions of questions always cross my mind about the money you give to the poor youths to spread propaganda, i wish you could use the same money to fight those that kill innocent Ugandans naye maama contine to prove the narrative that you are more concerned in staying in power than anything else.
And to your team OMG! It’s totally nonfunctional and counterproductive it’s a total mess, its useless talk about the vice president (anti gwe akola buli kimu, you are the goal keeper, the player, the spectator and at the same time the referee) the team actually requires a reshuffle starting from you Mr. M7. And am sure this is the time, fact is you cannot stop an ejaculation whose time has reached. Listen to the cry from the majority.

And Mr. M7 you r simply wasting your money fighting Bobi wine  this man is simply blessed and loved, last time I told you “The youth associate with Bobi because he speaks their language, the rich people associate with Bobi because he is business, Politicians associate with kyagulanyi because he is a bridge they can use to connect with the ordinary Ugandan, the poor associate with him because he is hope, he inspires them, the fans associate with him because he is music, he is joy, some artists beef and talk shit about him because it attracts attention for them to sell, Now for you tukimanyi you do not like him simply because “abuusa abantu” because he articulates facts to ordinary Ugandans in the language they clearly understand.
One thing I like about Bobi, tadamu bamuwalampa, He keeps it low.

Now to your UPDF, let’s be serious on this, you can fool some people sometime but you can’t fool all of us all the time, M7 which reports do you really receive?, can u really credit this madness, at first these are the same guys who came out and apologized then ate kati beekyyusa, Ekinuma you do not even comment about such serious issues, we are talking about Ugandans being brutalized by UPDF. How do you lie to the entire nation that those were Nigerians? Okay let’s assume they were Nigerians, then what did you do? Did you do anything about it? How come they were putting on UPDF uniform? how come they were using UPDF cars? In brief what did you do about it? Bino byebitubyiiza, mwana temutusiriwaza. Stop acting this movie on Ugandans, our lives matter.

To the Opposition Icons in Uganda, like it or not its now #Bobiwine who is driving and is driving very steadily, am not saying you should join his passenger crew and just watch him drive, am rather saying you should be amongst the driver crew, If you guys r indeed in need for real change then this is the perfect time to join hands, Bobi is independent, he doesn’t belong to any political party, People power is not a political party and so you got nothing to lose if you speak the same language he speaks. You have nothing to lose if u project his message to masses unless you have different agendas, we would love to see you guys doing the same thing Bobi does, let’s change goal posts, if we expect good results, if we expect anything different we should then try something we have not done before and that’s none other than people power ideology.

And for some of you who still have hopes in M7 I don’t blame u coz I don’t have the moral authority to judge u, it’s your choice to make but open your eyes, dive into the reality, see things the way they r, do not support m7 because of bandwagon effect, find out why majority are saying no to this injustice?, sit down and reflect on what other people are going through, would you like to be a subject of their circumstances? Would you like your mother/father to be killed in reward of 20 million? Would you love to continue with this escalading unemployment, injustice, abuse of human rights, corruption, and all sorts of atrocities? Twebwreremu mwana.

For those whom we differ in one way or the other tozimba mutima, let’s not abuse and fight each other, let’s try to clearly state our points and explain to each other why we believe in what we believe. The time you spend to abuse your fellow countrymen, use it to come up with outstanding reasons backing up your ideology. By doing so we shall motivate and persuade as many lost sheep as possible to join and believe in our ideologies rather than insulting, bashing and abusing each other. Let’s spread love, let’s preach Unity, hard work, patriotism and above all let’s preach the gospel of people power/ togetherness. We are all Ugandans and I’m sure we all envision a better Uganda, a Uganda that you will miss to live in. A corrupt free Uganda, yeah some of you think it’s impossible and you are very right, it is totally impossible under the current regime.

Kat mpozzi nekirara, Ugandans waliwo ensonga zetuleeta mu diiro nga tezetagisa, lets always focus on core issues, bano abantu abagala okuzimbira ku banaabwe lets just ignore those puppets used by the regime, let’s have our mind fully focused on one particular goal and that’s none other than peoplepower I just love the way Bobiwine does it, tadamu bamuwalamapa.

Actually let me take this opportunity to thank #Bobiwine for illuminating the Path to the political field with a brighter torch, many youths have now realized that yeah it’s possible if we combine efforts, yeah it’s very possible but let’s not just believe, let’s act.  Youths have really gathered their courage to speak out but this is not enough. Though taking baby steps in the right direction always yields bigger results I would rather say we should graduate from taking baby steps, let’s now take strides, lets be more serious on this issue, The good thing we are no longer divided along tribe, age, religion and partisan lines, Uganda is slowly drifting away from that mess fueled by M7, so now let’s use this opportunity to combines efforts and solve all the mess together. The mess created by M7 can’t be solved by one person, he alone has failed. Then what do you expect?
I would love to see student’s leaders from various Universities across Uganda preaching the same gospel, coming up with brilliant ideas, this has t start from the grass roots. If we come together we can indeed achieve a lot.

” the ghetto was ignored until when it went to the parliament, now it’s the whole government not even the parliament, but the government looking for it in the ghettos” (Bobiwine)
Twebereremu ba boyi
#bobidiehard John Baptist Muwonge