You’re Not A Ugandan – Youth Tell President Museveni


EXPOSED: 95% of Ugandans do not understand the real Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa Buzariranwa.

Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa Buzariranwa AKA Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is a Tutsi of Rwandan origin. He was born in Gisenyi, northern Rwanda.

During the Hutu revolution (1959 to 1961) which overthrew the minority Tutsi dominion of Rwanda, Museveni and his mother (Esteri Kokundeka) left Rwanda and entered western Uganda as refugees. They were welcomed and well fed. Museveni’s real father (Kayibanda) remained in Rwanda and then settled in Tanzania. After some time, Museveni’s mother (Esteri Kokundeka) took another Rwandan man (Amos Kaguta) his step father. The two made love and got pregnant. The child born was named Caleb Akandhanaho AKA Salim Saleh and other siblings.

Both parents were actually Rwandan refugees. Because of economic hardships in Rwanda, they decided to stay in Uganda illegally. Uganda was very kind to Mr Museveni. Uganda educated Museveni. After his school, Museveni decided to turn the barrels of the gun against the Ugandans who fed him and educated him. He shot his way to power through violence. When he took power in 1986, claimed that he was a Ugandan citizen of Ankole origin.

He never restored the Ankole kingdom because they refused to recognize him as a munyankole and support him in the 1980’s election. He was also living in fear that Ugandans might find out his true identity which might sabotage his chances of becoming the president of Uganda. Which means he would have not convinced the Baganda and others to join his bush war struggle. Being born a Rwandese means he does not qualify for the presidency of Uganda according to the constitution. You must be a born Ugandan to run for the presidency. He continues to be in power illegally and imposing himself on Ugandans.

In 1995 he also changed Uganda’s constitution to recognize Rwandese as a tribe in Uganda. Rwandese disguising and infiltrating the Ugandan government as Banyankole has also caused serious division between the Bairu-Bahima. Cause now you have the lower class and the upper class undermining one another. Which is causing a stereotype and misunderstanding against hard working Banyankole. Thinking that they (Banyankole) are all rich, lazy, favored and benefiting (scholarships, gov’t top positions and the army) from his government which is not true, as this has become a common stereotype with the average Ugandan today.

If you have been to Uganda its a beautiful country blessed with landscapes and nature. But corruption is one thing that can’t go unnoticed. Yes, Uganda is being mismanaged in every sector across the country because Mr Museveni decides to choose family members (Nepotism) and (tribal loyalty) over competency. In the end result it has produced a failed state. If any of these people swindle public funds they would not be brought to account because they are related or have tribal loyalty to Mr Museveni.

His survival to cling onto power depends on tribalism, favouritism and nepotism. In most cases, these people are incompetent and not qualified for certain key positions. That’s why we have poor infrastructure, poor service delivery, poor currency, corruption and high crime rate. If anyone questions the status quo of our country’s affairs your immediately accused of being tribal.

But hey, that’s not the point here…….

To trace a certain problem affecting a nation or an individual. You investigate and find out the root causes……(Its called history) Yoseri Tibuhaburwa Rutabasirwa Buzariranwa AKA Yoweri Kaguta Museveni is not a Ugandan and will never be one…….plain and simple.

Note” there are not my words but history reveals its self you can’t run from ur history.