You sleep with Women for miracles, You fake miracles – The public expose pastor Lubega of Phaneroo after his attack on Bobi wine, Like we told you in our recent posts. Pastor grace Lubega of phaneroo attacked Bobi Wine calling him (weed man)  that no one can accept to led by a Ganja smoker.

This left many Bobi die hard s and the people power crew inhappy and they started teaching him a lesson by exposing dirty games . Here we go now .

#Phaneroo is a misleading religious sect. I am not paid to say anything whether bad or good about them. But I will say the truth about them. They script miracles, and find the right characters for each scene. This time round you used someone I know very well and how everything was acted. Stop using God in the name of fake prophecy. (You slept with my friend promising her miracles and you pretend to be so holy, )

One day looking through Facebook posts,I landed on a post by #Phaneroo in which i saw my old boy and friend holding clutches moving… Trust me I was excited and I was only optimistic to meet Lugemwa we have a chart and celebrate with him. However, when I met him was very disappointed, sad and annoyed. Robert narrated his story to me.

On a fateful day the #Phaneroo boys around makerere university meet my friend and old boy ¬† him and I are known to each other for now five years! The #Phaneroo boys good at identifying people noticed that this guy could walk without clutches, they approached the guy talked,convinced him that the “good Apostle ” would pray for him and that he will be able to walk very well. They went ahead and asked him to join then at the #phaneroo anniversary in kololo.

Lugemwa was hesitant to join them, then what happened people who had come with “clean hands” with a message of healing “a lame” person resorted to business!

Shamelessly they offered the a conditional amount of 350k, he was briefed that they were to pay him the amount, free transport but he only had a simple task only to seat in the section of the sick when they reach “church” and he only had to listen to whatever the “apostle” would say and also act accordingly!

Given that it was around the first or second week of the semester, being government student who had stayed around for recess and allowances for government students had not been remitted to students “poor man” considered the deal and he eventually accepted to act the film( he says).