You Say People Power Is A group Of Hooligans Yet These Hooligans Have The Entire Government On Toes -Tuff B Blasts The state

Tuff B has blasted the Government about the recent action of black out in the country by Umeme when Bobi Wine was addressing the state in Washington live in straight talk africa , Tuff b using his Facebook page, this is what he said briefly

You say people power is a group of hooligans yet these hooligans have the entire govement on its toes were institutions like umeme go un extra mile under influence to twit alie on behalf of govement, that will have a power shat down at the exact time when the entire nation knows @Bobiwine is to appear @Voiceofafrica and speak against the atrocities committed by this govement . I ask my self who is ill advising the president?

Any way from were I stand fellow brothers and sisters in this movement @people power I hope your seeing our effect as follows
1.govement set to emarge it’s institutions so our taxes are no longer missused
2.the president is of late all over trying to empower youth and from what I gather today is set to visit wakyiso still trying to empower youth and miss the 4th celebrations of the king of busoga to mention but a few panic moves effected by the people power movement I don’t think my dear states men that we are hooligans as some of you call us .we are a force that you can’t get rid of unless you change the system of how this entire nation is run like so far we see your starting to ..And like I always say hopefully one day will see a non violent proper transition of power to a 21st century kind of leader #peoplepower #lonewalker

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