What is a church and function of , intended, commissioned, purpose and duty as directed and intended by Jesus the Christ, and for what reason?


The function of the church, the plan of the first resurrection and worldwide tremendous salvation plan. What is the function of the church? Many churches like to stand to save humanity to a place of safety from hell into a serene, beauty, and blissful state in heaven. This is the worldwide Christendom preaching, and it’s a norm, is this correct, right function and duty according to the scripture?

What is a church and function of , intended, commissioned, purpose and duty as directed and intended by Yeshua, the Christ, and for what reason?

How do we reason out all those in order or relevance, chronological order of events, step by step , masterfully, skillfully to know why and where, how and what?

Lets start from here, when Satan entered the Garden of Eden; sin was already in the world by the fallen angels Jude 6. The earth was just few days old after recreation process Genesis 1.2-26, its first state was destroyed in the rebellion Rev 12.1, and we know earth and the universe were created together Genesis 1.1 that is the reason why earth is some million years old, as old as Universe.

When man decided to reason out that God must have been biased, by not giving man the immortality, when God said, when they shall eat of the tree, they surely shall die Genesis 3.3.
But Satan said, you shall not die Genesis 3.4. Satan is directly told them, they are immortal, eternal beings from creation, and that they cannot die. This is what the churches today are preaching, about body soul and spirit concept- to die and live eternal, because of the immortal soul. This is the deception from devil. Man in the precreation act of conceiving zygote does not possess the power to impart immortality to developing soul (child). Man has no power to give immortal life nor does the church, and we shall reason why.
When Eve and Adam failed this one time test, a test to see if they will be genuine, faithful, humble, and obedient to the eternal, for as long as possible, in thousand years, in their life time then God could not lead them to the next master process to fine tune mortal flesh and blood to godly standards and eventual spirits beings after qualifying these stages and biting off the failure marks of the rebelled angels, now demons.
God did respect the decision man made to trust devil, mind reasoning to distrust and question eternal God. After telling the judgment, God being a gentlemen, moved away and out of the world God just restored in 6 days. The new master was devil, man has to live with devil, learn his way of greed, envy, fear, rebellion, and his counterfeit plan for the past 6 000 years.

When Yeshua, the Christ came, He came into the world run by devil, a god in his right 2 Corinthian 4.4, devil satan was running the world as a god, a powerful spirit, ruling space, principalities, and powers of darkness , Ephesians 6.12 and an atmosphere, and the principalities are really, truly destroyed, Colossian 2.15.
These powers have induced man into false religions, and worship of creations, rather than creator Deuteronomy 5.

When Jesus came, He has to qualify to dethrone Devil on the throne of earth. This he only quality after 40 days and 40 nights without food and water, and the three basic tests of man, off course Jesus was fully man Mathew 4. Knowing very well that humans need food, and Jesus will need, and knowing that Jesus makes the miracle, Devil insist and suggest Jesus to make for himself bread out of the stones, off course Jesus can, when can Jesus listen to the vanity, for he shall, man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that comes out from God. Man will be spirit after being mortal for a short while which will not require eating as the source of energy.
On the highest pinnacle, testing the veracity of God, this ancient rebellious angel cannot bring down God. And showing the kingdoms of the earth, which devil can be bestowed upon Jesus as soon as Jesus can confess that Satan is god failed.

Satan in his quest has tried to dethrone God and be recognized as another god, Isaiah 14.12-14. This is not a surprise when he requested Jesus (again) to recognize him as a god so he can have all the kingdoms of the earth forever.
Mathew Chapters 4 tells the story, and after the final test verse 10, and immediately, being qualified, Jesus preached about the kingdom of Heaven, the replacement government, God’s Government that is to come and rule earth, and Jesus preached ‘‘repent for the kingdom of God is at hand’’ verse 17.
Jesus immediately came and picked his disciples who are to be his workers, his church foundation, starting verse 18.

The timeline of kingdoms of the earth are as outlined in Daniel chapter 2, explained in Daniel chapter 9. In each case, Daniel 2.44-45 indicates that the stone is Kingdom of God , grow to cover the whole earth and rule entire earth, which is related to Daniel 7.9, a kingdom set up to rule the entire earth, confirming this to be Christ ruling entire earth Isaiah 9.6-7, and saints, those who have passed through the first resurrection Rev 20 ruled earth under this government as kings , priest, and governors over the earth Rev 1.6.

So what is the function of the church then?
In order to get to that, lets checks this texts that seem so unbiased-many are called but ‘few’ are chosen Mathew14.22, for the sake of the ‘elect’ Mathew 24.22.
This ‘few’ and ‘elect’ are the called out ones from the earth who are qualified for first resurrection Revelation20.1-6. They are the first fruits, qualified to rule with Christ in his coming kingdom, as governors and kings over the earth Revelation 1.6.
This are selected few who will be in charge of countries of the world, under Christ, His kingdom or government to rule entire earth to righteousness and perfection. This event happen right here on planet earth Isaiah 9.6-7, right from city of Jerusalem where the tabernacle and throne of Christ will be Jeremiah 3.17. The whole process of setting up the place of Jerusalem is described in Zachariah chapter 14.

So the function of the church is to train man in righteousness under church of God Mathew 16.18 to prevail, in correction, perfection, rebuke and correct in righteousness, instruct in righteousness 2 Timothy 3.16 , and to prove and exhort in longsuffering 2 Timothy 4.2.
Commandment keeping, keeping the testimony of Christ ( preaching the gospel of the Kingdom of God) and faith of Chrtist Revelation 14.12.

Is the church about sending man to heaven? Absolute NO.
The church must be qualified in doctrine, prophecies, mysteries, exalting to prepare feed, prepare man to adhere all principals, abhor evil, and train members in the work of God, ready for to qualify when kingdom of God should.

The parable of the talents (Mathew 25.14-28)
This is a very interesting parable and depicts and related directly to the kingdom of God. The kingdom of heaven is like a man traveling far country. Called his servants, and delivered them goods or work. When he has returned (Kingdom has come, being established on earth), the man sees, which is qualified to be in His kingdom to running of the kingdom. He finds some have developed the qualification, experiences, through toils and tears, pain and suffering, believing and preaching about the kingdom of God, which is to come. These, he rewarded them and put them in his Kingdom to run as kings and priest, governors Revelations 1.5-6. This is God’s government and its about ruing earth under God, his laws and command over entire earth Isaiah 9.6-7.

So who are these ‘few Mat 7.14 , elect Mat 24.22, ‘ chosen Mat22.14’ and remnant people Rom11.5 .
There are few, or elect, or chose or remnant chosen for the work, the rest is blinded Rom11.7
So is salvation limited to them only?
No, these people are those that qualify for first resurrection Revelation 20. In this Chapter 20 of Revelation, talks about 2 set of resurrections. The first resurrection is straight from body to spiritual, as angels, for those who have not died 1Corinthian 15.52. For those who are dead and in grave are in the likes of King David Jeremiah 30.9.
Elijah and Moses Mathew 17.3, and God brings forward things or event of the future to present in our present time. Elias and Moses appearing with Jesus, were in their glorified body, only because Jesus has qualified after temptation Mathew 4, once human believers will have such heavenly, glorious, immortal bodies.

Leviticus 23.17, bring out of your habitation two wave loaves of two tenth deals…. Thy are the first fruits unto the Lord. Just so the new testament church bring out of this world as the first fruit of his salvation fulfilling the meaning of the wave loaves. Just as the wave leaf was lifted high and waved, symbolizing Christ to heaven and returned, so the wave loaves were lifted and waved symbolizing that we too may for a moment leave the solid earth meet the Lord in the air 1Thes 4.16-17 then return with him to stand on Mount Olives as he begin his millennial reign Acts 1.11 and Zachariah 14.3-4.

The next big question is how shall all man be saved, John 3.16?

Those who believed in the gospel of the kingdom of God shall have no problem understanding this. The Kingdom of God will rue earth Isaiah 9.6-7 for 1000 years Rev 20.1.

In that great time of tribulation, world war- total destruction, chaos, disruption of everything that is of order today to pandemonium. Mathew 24.21 emphasized clearly that kind of pain, sorrow and chaos in one painful description, in that world wide terrors and death, then Christ shall come Mathew 24.22.
This will fulfill 1 Corinthian 15.52, the first fruit, for the first resurrection Rev 20.1-6 will ascend to meet the Lord in the air and move in procession over to Jerusalem- vivid , glorious worldwide presentation will occur Zachariah 14 .1-9. read about business management here

For 1000 years earth will go under God’s Kingdom rule, death will be no more (Jesus said, I am the resurrection and the life), expect survivors of the holocaust, tribulation, the remaining humanity to continue to live. There will be billions upon billions of people grow into this kingdom, under perfect, sinless, righteous , holy order and living, meanwhile, devil will be removed from earth and human influence Rev 20.1.
During this period, 1000 years will have been used up. Devil will be permitted to roam the earth again trying to deceive the humanity with his usual vanity tricks Rev 20.7-9.

The remaining humanity who have been lost since time of Adam to the final hours of trumpet sound, and have died being unqualified will be resurrected Rev 20.13, this will be soaked into a billions upon billions worldwide population in perfection and righteousness, holy and godly world.
They will only require very short time to be converted, repented of their sins.

The earth will have a population of billions up on billions, who were dead, who have not died, who were born during the 1000 years reign to experience the first hand government of God, the king of Heaven.
No man will be lost, John 3.16, but few communist state will have numbered in thoses years to large nubers as seashore Rev20.7-9. Prophecy indicates, however, to be Asiatic-China, Russia state other Asia block combination.
All rebellion against God will be put out, dead will be conquered 1 Corinthian 15.24, finally, at the end, Jesus will deliver the kingdom of Saints (Billions upon billions) to God. What’s next.?

Is your church qualifying you for the first resurrection?

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