What Can I Do to Gain Leadership Experience? 9 Tips for Women

Although women have made strides in the workplace, they’re underrepresented in leadership roles. Hence, this article advocates nine methods to ascertain the knowledge and skills. Regardless of your current role (full-time mother, student, or employed) you can chart your future.
Non-profit organizations always need volunteers. Look for chances to serve on boards. If you’re a parent seek opportunities to get involved in schools, community agencies, and the church. If you’re already in the workforce, find avenues where you work. Another option is your alumni association. Finally, if you’re a college student explore volunteer positions on and off campus. Make use of career services; they mission is serving you.
There’s so much to blog about. What’s your favorite topic? What adversity have you overcome? Do you have a hobby? What makes you angry? What touches your heart? Begin by examining your talents and interests for possibilities.
Apply for a position.
If you want to gain leadership skills and experience apply for a position. When prospects are uncovered in your place of employment, throw your hat into the ring. You have nothing to lose. However, make sure it’s a good fit. Moreover, be prepared to explain how you can contribute. Don’t worry if it does not materialize. You cannot walk on water if you stay in the boat.
Chair a Committee
Chair a committee in the church, at school, or at work. Even search within your community. Take the lead. Then, you realize the importance of mobilizing volunteers to achieve an objective.
Become a Mentor 
In my opinion, mentoring is one of the noblest ways to demonstrate leadership. It involves giving of yourself – time, wisdom, and friendship. Look around. Who can you pour yourself into? Ponder the situation before you proceed because being a mentor is serious business. Youth, for example, are growing up without fathers or positive parental support. This presents the chance to develop future leaders. To this end, contact a school or community agency.
Seek a Mentor
Find a mentor and let him or her assist you. This person will be your advisor, coach, and teacher. The relationship must be established on trust and respect. Aside from this, you will need be comfortable sharing your aspirations and fears. Keep this in mind – unlike a friend who accepts you the way you are, a mentor has a different aim. The mentor pushes you to become more. Why do you think successful people obtain a coach?
Look for Opportunities
Water walkers get out of the boat. Thus, if you want to receive leadership experience you must pursue the right circumstances. Being passive or passive-aggressive will not help you to
Get Prepared
Read books about leadership to get a strong foundation on the basics. Attend workshops and seminars. Develop a knack for staying abreast of trends.
Build Confidence
Maintaining confidence and a positive outlook is vital. How do you build confidence to lead? Let me count the ways. Read and meditate on scriptures, especially those related to success. Nevertheless, read them aloud because faith comes by hearing and hearing. Listen to motivational speakers on YouTube or go to the library and checkout CD’s and DVD’s. Gather a list of your favorite quotes. Finally, read the stories of people who have triumphed. Everyone loves the underdog or person who endures. These are just a few ideas.

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