We’ll Never Hire Bebe Cool Untill He Apologises To Bobiwine – Events Promoters

Events Promoters Vow Never to Hire Bebe Cool Until he Apologises to Bobi Wine

The Federation of Uganda Events Promoters Association (FUPA) has come out to issue a piece of advise to Big Size Bebe Cool to apologise to fellow singer Bobi Wine or else he is still facing the wrath of the angry music fanatics.

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Speaking on behalf of his friends, one of the famous show promoters, Abbey Musinguzi of the Abitex promotions who happens to be the vice president of (FUPA) during an exclusive interview with NBS TV on Saturday 1st September 2018 has vowed not any more to bother hiring the Gagamel CEO at incoming music shows due to the fear of making loses from angry fans who are more eager at Inflicting big harm to the singer because of his renowned arrogance.

The development comes just a day when the ‘Pass and go’ singer embraced embarrassment at the celebrations of the 10 years of Swangz Avenue last Friday as angry fans decided to irrigate the later with bottles of urine and liquor as a punishment for avoiding arrogantly the solidarity to save the bedridden ghetto gladiator from the teeth of the angry security apparatus.

“For a show to happen, someone must put in millions of shillings, therefore as events promoters we are not ready to go back to the village because of Bebe Cool,” stated Mr. Abitex.

According to Abitex, Bebe Cool must issue a public apology to Bobi Wine and the entire country for supporting the government at the expense of Bobi Wine who was tortured and almost lost his life in the hands of security personnel.

It must be noted that Bebe Cool was once a big brother to Bobi Wine days back in the Firebase Crew but as time went on, their differences in their political belief is causing mayhem for the once hunter’s bowl and arrow.


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