Our Virology teacher told us during class that there was an issue stating that when the campaign for safe sex using conforms increased, the HIV cases in the Philippines shot up. She then encouraged us to research on the pore size of condoms and the size of HIV.

It was only recently that I discovered many studies are stating that HIV CAN PASS THROUGH CONDOMS. Condoms have a pore size of 5 micrometers while HIV has a size of 0.12-0.15 micrometers (120-150 nanometers). This means that at times, condoms will not be able to filter HIV because it was originally invented to filter sperm cells only. Seems like options for HIV prevention are running out. Read about benefit of garlic here

I hope this information can help in spreading awareness. Loyalty to one partner has always been and always will be the best prevention for HIV transmission. Remember, prevention is better than cure especially when there is no cure for HIV/AIDS.

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