We’ll Use Our Guns To Stop The “people Power” Noise -Gen Tumwine

Security minister Gen Elly Tumwine said Tuesday that like he addressed parliament, the country has been peaceful but following the by-elections, there those that were not peaceful like others.

He said the climax of these by-lections saw the violence in Arua.

He said some actors in opposition decided to get hooligans and threatened lives of citizens because of their different political affiliations.

“Police is following and investigating this chaos. The question of faking voters characterised those areas,” Tumwine told press at Uganda Media Centre.

He said the ugliness of chaos climaxed into stoning of President Museveni.

“All these matters are being investigated and are subject to court. Another unfortunate incident was the death of one person in Arua.”


He went on: “You saw Hon Bobi Wine, Hon Francis Zaake and others have been in court. Hon Francis Zaake and Bobi Wine wanted to go abroad for treatment but had not fulfilled all conditions to leave.”

He said Hon Zaake had refused to cooperate but now both of them went for treatment.

“I ask, the media to work towards having a peaceful country. Let peace prevail.”

He added: “The moment you go into the rain, you have chances of getting wet not some few. I was there in Arua, I wasn’t tortured but I was injured. Once we are in a riot situation, anything can happen and these are occupational hazards. We shall continue working with you media.”

Tumwine further warned: “If your actions are going to cause violence against others. A firearm can be used. If you resist arrest, it can be used. If you try to escape, firearms can also be used. So, let’s be lawful.”

He said some people own firearms legally because they have to help in maintaining security and stability of this country.

“I want to encourage our police to get back batons, however,” he noted.

Gen Tumwine said the young people should learn from old ones. Who are knowledgeable and experienced.

“In other countries they learn from elders. Us in the army we humbly salute Commanders. I don’t mean youth shouldn’t talk but work for the future. Don’t create barriers.”


Gen Tumwine said media has sentenced people without investigations.

“We have disciplined our soldiers without media even knowing. I’m a very tough disciplinarian and that doesn’t mean I’m not friendly to people. You stoned the President’s car and few were injured.”

He said the few injuries in different districts where by-elections were was because the army is disciplined.

“UPDF is a disciplined army! We have agreed in our meetings to engage you the media to fully be aware of these issues.”

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