We will soon meet Museveni When Handing Over Power To Ugandans -Bobi wine

Bobi Wine on why he prefers Museveni over Bebe Cool, speaks out on Sylvia Owori

Remember objectives? The questions that came along with multi-choice answers that left you between a rock and hard place selecting the ‘real answer’?
Image of Bobi Wine ©️Capital fm
Well, while appearing at Capital FM Breakfast Show hosted by Lucky Mbabazi and Gaetano Kaggwa, singer cum legislator Hon Robert Kyagulanyi was subjected to a tricky ‘rather choose who’ game where he had to pick from two alternatives.
Firstly, Lucky Mbabazi asked the singer to choose between Beti Kamya and Slyvia Awori. Hmmn…interesting! Given Sylvia Owori ‘s recent online ‘beef’ with Barbie Kyagulanyi and Beti Kamya’s ‘romance with the ruling power’, Bobi Wine first hesitated from answering the question but later said; “I think I can maybe go with Beti Kamya because she can be reconverted.”
The Ghetto gladiator was then tasked to choose between Bebe Cool and President Museveni!

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“I would rather create friendship with Museveni now because we shall soon be meeting when handing over power but for Bebe Cool we can never meet anywhere, Bobi answered.
Another final question that was fired to the legislator was to choose between his daughter Ssubi and wife Barbie Kyagulanyi.
Like an intellingent husband and father, he said; “Since whenever am with Barbie she feels safe, we (Bobi and Barbie) can for this case choose Ssubi”. 
Can we say he passed the test? Over to you!