We Condemn Claims Of Uganda Defence Minister On Nigeria Army – Chief Of Defence Forces Of Nigeria

Annews24.com,Nigeria’s chief of defence forces of national federal army of Nigeria Maj. gen. Abayomi Gabriel Olonisakin dismisses and condemns claims by state minister of defence .

Uganda that the brutality of civilians making rounds in video circulating was an event in Nigeria done by the security forces of Nigeria on his tweet.

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Members of the parliamentary defence committee were on Wednesday left amused after the state minister for defence, Colonel Charles Engola told them that videos and photos of the army beating journalists during the free Bobi Wine protests were doctored by unknown people.
In one incident along Nakivubo Mews, photojournalist Akena was badly flogged by the military and despite his efforts to put his arms up as a sign of surrendering, the soldiers continued beating and kicking him.

On Wednesday, the committee chaired by Amolatar Woman MP Doreen Amule tasked the ministry of defence to explain themselves on the videos and photos that recently made rounds depicting them brutalising journalists.


As generals, we need to pick on what to utilise from the media but not everything written by media. For example that person holding a stick, it (video) was from some West African country. You can’t say it was UPDF,”Col.Engola told parliament attracting a backlash from the members of the committee.
The committee chairperson told the junior minister and his team from the ministry of defence that the video and photos were not fake, noting that they were aired by all media houses in the country, a thing she said raises concern over safety of journalists.