We Are Not Fighting You We are Fighting For You – Bobi Warns The Army

Bobi Wine at lusanja
While addressing journalists at his home at magere in kyadondo, wakiso district, kyagulanyi said, ‘ citizens of Uganda, we are in this together and when we stand together, we shall be able to liberate our country. This is not about one person, it is about all of us,” he said Monday while addressing the press at his home in Magere, Wakiso district.
He added: Regardless of how comfortable you are, the injustice will finally come to you. I want to know how President Museveni you feel when you continue to treat Ugandans the way you do.

On happened on the 13th of August in Arua, the legislators said it opened the eyes of not only Ugandans but also the peace-loving people across the globe to the reality Ugandans are dealing with every day.
“I want you (Museveni) to know that there was a time you were not in power. You should also remember that there is a time when you won’t be in power,” he told the president. said kyagulanyi.
Oppressed people will not always be oppressed, kyagulanyi warned.
Bobi Wine who on Saturday visited the home of his former driver, says he is still trying to come to terms with the death of his friend Yasin Kawuma.
“Many people were brutalized and I managed to visit some that I could reach. Many have been detained without charge.”