US Senate Joins EU About Uganda Deterioration Of Democracy And Human Riights



As Bobi Wine sets to come back tomorrow, US senators warns government  over deteriorating democracy and human rights  in Uganda.
In a state realesed senators Chris Coons, Jeff Flake, Ben Cardin, Mark Rubio  and Cory Booker also condemned Ugandan government for brutalizing journalists and torturing opposition members of Parliament in the Arua municipality chaos.

As members of the senate for foreign relations commite we are gravely concerned about the continued detoriation of democracy, human rights and fundamental freedoms in Uganda, the actions of the government of Uganda towards it’s critics, protesters, opposition supporters and parliamentarians like members of Parliament Francis Zaake and Robert Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine -Are unacceptable.

We call upon Ugandan authorities to conduct a credible investigation into the murder of Yasin Kawuma and into the reports of beatings  torture and the use of lethal force on civilians by security forces., And hold  those resiponsible accountable for their actions.

We strongly urge president Museven and Ugandan government to adhere to the rule of law and respect freedom of expression, press and assembly granted by the Constitution.

As Bobi Wine and Francis Zaake return to UGANDA after medical treatment we will closely monitor their situation and that of those who face charges alongsid them.

This comes after few days after the the EU also warned Uganda over continued torturing of unarmed citizens.


President Bobi returns back tomorrow #FennaTubereyo