Underestimate Bobiwine At your Own Risk – Katikilo Warn Museveni

The Kattikiro of Buganda Kingdom, Owek. Charles Peter Mayiga has advised President Museveni to use dialogue instead of torture to woo his opponents.

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Mayiga was opening the first sitting of the Lukiiko (Buganda’s Parliament) of this year on September 4, warned the president to underestimate Bobi Wine at his own peril. Using the Luganda proverb, “Kkami katono, okanyomeranga mitala wa mmuga”which when loosely translated means that “you can only underestimate a small man when you are across the river.”

He advised Museveni to call all his opponents for tea at State House, Entebbe and have a candid discussion about the future of Uganda at a roundtable. 

The Kattikiro also called upon the government not to drag sick people to court but allow them to get treatment first.

“I saw Betty Nambooze in court the other day and I couldn’t believe it. What is wrong with letting her get better and then try her? She is not going to run away in that state,” Mayiga added.

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