UN General Assembly Proceeds To put US Trade Embargo On Cuba

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(Annews24) UN – Earlier, Cuban Ambassador to Russia Gerardo Penalver Portal stated that the state has lost over $4 billion over the past 12 month due to the United States’ sanctions policy against Havana.

The United Nations General Assembly on Thursday voted in favor of the resolution to end the US economic and financial embargo imposed on Cuba, President Maria Fernanda Espinosa announced.

“The result of the vote is as follows: in favor 189, against two, abstentions zero, “Espinosa said. “The draft resolution is therefore adopted.”

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The vote was the 27th attempt at the General Assembly to end the US embargo against Cuba that has been in place for more than 55 years.

The United States and Israel voted against the resolution, as has been the case in all but one year since Cuba began introducing a similar resolution in 1992.

The only time the United States did not cast a no vote was when it abstained in 2016 during the period of rapprochement between Washington and Havana during the Obama administration.

The vote follows Cuban Ambassador’s to Russia, Gerardo Penalver Portal, earlier statement that Cuba has lost more than $4 billion over the past 12 month due to the US sanctions policy targeting Havana.

Prior to Thursday’s vote, the General Assembly rejected eight human-rights related amendments that were introduced by the United States, with no votes ranging from 113 to 114 and abstentions from 65 to 67 nations. Ukraine joined the United States and Israel in voting to approve all eight amendments.

The United States first imposed an arms embargo on Cuba in 1958, which was followed by the introduction of restrictions in various other sectors. They include sanctions on financial transactions, trade, travel, among others. Cuba has repeatedly submitted its resolutions to the United Nations calling for the embargo to be lifted.

Relations between Washington and Havana have chilled during the Trump administration, with the United States now accusing Cuba of taking advantage of the Obama-era thaw to crack-down on dissent.