Ugandans vow To Boycott Namboole After the Cancellation Of kyarenga-by-Bobi wine

Bobi wine in kenya. image by fb

Neither was he the leader of the the movement. Instead, the movement means power of everyone. Indeed he has been proven right Monday by his followers who have defied his instruction.

This is after he reined in on his supporters who had started up a campaign calling for a boycott of the Cranes match following the cancellation of his Kyarenga Concert for the second time.

“Friends, I don’t agree with the trending hashtag
#boycottugandacranes. Uganda Cranes is our national team in which we should always take pride and support with all our abilities. If musical talent is being suffocated, let’s not take all the other talent down the drain,” he advised.

However, majority of his followers have vowed to stick to their earlier ground of boycott.

Kyagulanyi Kabanda: For the first time we are going to defy you.

Phionah M: You are about to say that my fellow Ugandans 2021 am not standing out for presidential seat really ..!!!!.let us fight for our rights at this time.. wonovawo mbu tetwebereddemu …anyway Uganda cranes isn’t more important than the constitution which was raped… # boycott Namboore stadium terikuzikiza.

Bobi wine addressing masses in Kenya

Abubaker Sojah: We’re not boycottingg Uganda cranes..we’re simply boycotting Namboole stadium! because the management of the stadium has gone political therefore opposition becomes our position.

Pretty Precious: Your excellence, we will not boycott cranes but boycott Namboole, we will do this by wearing UG t-shirts but watch the match from home with our vuvuzellaz.

Debbie Wule: Personally not going and not paying for anyone to go there, they want to personalize nambole like how they did Kololo. NRM owns no properties in uganda and must stop claiming properties of Ugandans as theirs!

Even his bodyguard and close friend, Eddie Mutwe has vowed to defy his boss.

“Nebwenayambala Peoplepower T-shirt yange ela tebajja kunzikiliza kuyingira so Nze namboole Neda. (Even if I were to wear my People Power T-Shirt, they still wouldn’t let me in…Namboole is a No for me).”

Meanwhile, there was also a few who agreed to go by his command.

Malik De’Boss: I CAN NEVER DISOBEY YOU MR. PRESIDENT. Am bowing down to the hashtag.

Initially scheduled for early October, the match was pushed to 20th October to allow room for the Cranes match. However, the show was cancelled at last minute for the stadium had apparently been booked for a wedding on that day. Ironically, there wasn’t any wedding at the weekend.

Instead even the new fixed date of 9th November has been cancelled too, making it the third time that the show has been cancelled.