Ugandan’s Pop star Bobi Wine Sends A Strong Message To the country As they celebrate independence

The Uganda’s pop star Bobi Wine has sent a brief message message of independence to his fellow youth and The country at large. This is how it Goes

My fellow Ugandans and the world at large. It was today the 9th of October the year 1962 when the “The Pearl of Africa ” received its independence. Our fore fathers and mothers were soo happy jubilating as it was Indeed a great feeling of having attained Independence from the Britain.

Having independence meant that we had to exercise self-government, and usually sovereignty over our country and sole leaders in determining the path of our country politically, socially and economically.
Uganda faced alot of problems which arose from political differences and costed lives of alot of our brothers and sisters through torture, Illegal detention, brutality and others and it is for that reason why President Museveni went to the bush to fight for liberation.

Everyone loved the young man by then as people saw him as the messiah who would lead Uganda to its peak. President museveni while in bush together with the government of Uganda by then inflicted suffering on people and both parties denied allegations that it was responsible for costing lives of many Ugandans of which he finally he succeeded through guerrilla and become the president in 1986

Yoweri Museveni during the first times in office said on media that “The Problem of Africa are leaders who overstays on power” which is Indeed true but to my surprise Mr. Museveni is becoming a dictator from his long overstay in power(32 years) and this has made him think that he and his family are the owners of this country ranking Uganda as third poorest nation in the world and making him the one of the richest presidents in the world with over $4 billion.

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I bleed so much when President on a state of the nation’s address comes out and say “The unemployed youth should blame their parents who didn’t plan for them as I planned for my children and they are looking over their wealth…” without putting in mind that some of our parents gave in their life to see this man become president hoping for a better tomorrow and some try as much as possible to put their children in school to brighten their future but end up jobless just because nepotism bringing about incompetence and later downfall of most of the state owned assets which provided jobs of almost all graduates of the time.

I finally call upon all Ugandans that we have the power to shape our future just because no one can do it for us so #Twebereremu. In this course some of us are determined to loose our life so as to see a better Uganda and ultimately we shall receive the freedom we are yearning for any time soon.
I remain Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu Mp Kyadondo Municipality

Happy Independence day to you all
Lets fill up nambole on 20th october for #Kyarenga concert
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