Uganda: Nakawa MP Michael Kabaziguruka secured bond for Kawooya

Mr Yusuf Kawooya, the man who was captured on video being brutalised by armed security men during his arrest on Colville Street in the city centre last week, has been released from custody.

Kawooya was released on Wednesday afternoon on a police bond.
Nakawa MP Michael Kabaziguruka said Wednesday that he had helped the DP/UYD member to secure bond.
“I have secured the release of Yusuf Kawooya on police bond. Thank you all for your prayers,” the MP shared on his Facebook wall.

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After his savage arrest on October 18, Mr Kawooya was driven in a taxi bearing a fake number plate to an unknown place and the family spent the last few days trying to establish his whereabouts.
Police denied detaining him. His family and lawyer were turned away when they went to CMI headquarters in Mbuya to look for him.
The army declined to reveal where Mr Kawooya was being detained until yesterday when the family finally located him at the Special Investigations Unit in Kireka, a police detention facility.

“No charges have been preferred against him yet. He will report back to Special Investigations Division on October 31,” Mr Kabaziguruka told Daily Monitor.
The soldiers, who brutally arrested Mr Kawooya, are facing charges of conduct prejudicial to good order and discipline in the army disciplinary court.

Upon release, Mr Kawooya was seen using a walking stick to support himself.

Mr Kawooya’s family members said on Tuesday that he told them that he was questioned about links with Allied Democratic Forces rebels and stoning President Musevenis convoy when he visited Kampala early this month.
Mr Kawooya has been taken to hospital for treatment.

Police spokesmen couldn’t confirm the release of Mr Kawooya or the offence for which he is being investigated.
Mr Patrick Onyango, the deputy spokesman of police, asked for more time to get details.