Uganda Has Sinned Enough Against God -Deputy Speaker Oulanya

Deputy Speaker, Rt Hon Jacob Oulanyah has said that the current situation in Uganda is a testimony that the country has sinned against God and is in desperate need of serious prayers.

Oulanyah who was speaking at fundraising in Tororo urged Ugandans to “turn away from their wicked ways and devote themselves to God.”

“Maybe as a country, we have sinned against God but it was time we dedicated ourselves to prayer for the intervention of the Almighty,” Oulanyah who was the chief fundraiser told the gathering.

Oulanyah’s remarks come at a backdrop of several high-profile murders with outspoken policeman ASP Muhammad Kirumira who was gunned down in Bulenga on Saturday night being the latest victim.

“It is time for all the religious leaders and Ugandans of various faiths to come out and pray for God’s forgiveness amidst challenges the country is facing,” Oulanyah added.

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