Uganda: Born Again Pastors Are Misleading the People – Museveni

Image ©️Uganda gov

(Annews24)-Kampala President Museveni has decried the teachings by the Born –again Christian faith commonly known as Balokole or Pentecostals.According to Museveni, the born-again teaching of comfort in poverty is a technic to escape hard work and revival of communities into commercialisation through wealth creation.

Museveni made the statements while participating in the fundraising service for the completion of the new All Saints cathedral, Nakasero in Kampala.

Museveni used the example of the revival movement which he said changed the lives of many people in Ankole region for it challenged their bad habits, like smoking and womanising as well as resigning to abject poverty through biblical consolation. He said with the introduction of the born again faith, this changed.

“There was some distortion also caused by the balokole because they become resigned and escapists. They would say that we here on earth are visitors and our home is in heaven, that worldly things are dust and the real things are in heaven.”

Museveni challenged Christians to stop using the excuse of bible and prayer but instead work hard to contribute to their own welfare and that of others just like Jesus Christ did.

“Yesterday (Saturday) I told educated Christians to wake up sleeping Christians. Jesus himself worked in a carpentry, but fed the hungry, preached the gospel and healed the sick. To build this church, it would be easy if all the Christians were following what Jesus did. If all Christians worked, this place would be built. You Christians must wake up those who are sleeping,” he said.

According to Museveni, if Christians do not help each other to get out of poverty, then they are failing to live to the expectations of  the scripture.

“Jesus summarised all the ten commandments into two; love the Lord your God and love your neighbour as you love yourself. To love your neighbour as yourself is to overcome selfishness and to love God is to avoid evil. In the book of 1John 4:20 which says how can you say that you love God whom you have never seen yet hate your neighbour. It is a challenge for practical Christian living.”

He congratulated the congregation for the initiative of constructing a bigger ‘house for the Lord’ and contributed Shs500m towards its completion.

Meanwhile at the same event, Museveni criticised his guards for mishandling people at functions where he is expected as chief guest. He said he would deal with them.

“These government security personnel, when they are functions like these, am told they mishandle people. We shall deal with it. Of course their big problem is terrorism and that is why you see we have never had issues in places like Namugongo which was a pre-publicised event.”

“I will explain to them and we arrange different entry points. Of course there are bad people among you who will not see heaven. I apologise for the bad handling but we shall sort it out.”