Twitter users can now retweet with photos, videos or GIFs – Reports,Twitter has launched an upgrade that allows users to add media such as photos, videos or GIFs in retweets.

Previously, users were only able to add text comments to retweets.

The new feature is available on iOs, Android and Twitter´s mobile website, although it is yet to be available on the desktop version.

To retweet with photos, videos or GIFs, users can choose the retweet with the comment option and the particular media type from the toolbar.

The Verge reported that Twitter found designing the new service difficult, as initially “it was challenging for people to quickly understand all the content in a Retweet with media”.

The initial layout was “two large tweets stacked on top of each other”. The solution was created by showing the original tweet in a smaller and indented box, and users’ own media are shown in full width. (sop/wng)

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