Top 13 tips on how to survive wild animals attack,Here is the 9 Tips to Survive Animals attack

Death statistics shows that most of the dangerous and deadly animals are shark, lion, tiger, elephant etc etc.

but most of us dont know even a group of BEES can kill a human.

9. Sharks

9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Out of 150 species only 20 species attack humans.
  • most of them just dont perceive you as food.
  • But now it is a serious condition, if a shark gets interested in you, then it will be so tough.
  • To prevent you from shark attack, prevent blood or urine to entering into water.
  • If you meet shark in face to face, dont turn your back or dont try to escape, sharks will decide you as its prey.
  • if you have been caught, concentrate and aim at its gills and eyes, because they are the most sensitive parts


forest king
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • If you have encounter a lion, maintain an eye to eye contact.
  • dont turn back – dont turn your eyes away.
  • If you do so, it will give a time to attack.
  • Try to look at it more aggressive and more massive, lift your arms and cloths if anything you wear.
  • Speak louder in front of lion, that it will irritate the lion and make it to go away.


The big animal
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Elephants are mostly quite and friendly animal.
  • But it also attack humans, especialy female elephants, when they consider you as danger to her babies.
  • If you came across an elephant, pay attention on its body language.
  • Notice that if its trunk is curled and ears are pulled back, it is going to attack you.
  • Try to hide from elephant’s eyes lke hiding behind a bush or a tree.

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9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Mostly rhinoceroses have bad eyesight, in that case it will be easily frighten and attack people.
  • They cxan run upto 37 miles per hour, which make people hard to escape.
  • Easy way to escape fron a rhino is to hide behind a tree or bush.

5.Jelly Fish

9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Jelly fish can bring yiu a lot of pain and ache if it touches your body.
  • Use salt water to wash it first and use tweezer or ant materials like stick to pull out the remaining parts of the jellyfish away.
  • Apply any pain releiving oilments over that surface.


9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Alligators have the strongest jaws, which can even break the most hardest substances.
  • if you get caught with an alligator, tahe a stone or any hard object and hit hardly in its eyes.
  • The eyes and throat of a alligator alone the sensitive parts.
  • If it is moving and comes nears you, make a loud noise and move in a zig zag  and escape away.

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poisonous snankes
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Most of the snakes are not poisonous nor dangrous.
  • if you spot a snake nearby, then dont move, stand like a statue, unwanted vibrations can attract its attention.
  • if you got a bite, dont tr to suck it out and show your heroism.
  • just wash with running water and apply touniqeit and call for emergency.


Monkey king
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Gorillas are the king of the jungle as the feed and protect its family.
  • They will never attack you if you behave obidiently.
  • Sit down and not show them you are larger.
  • Avoid eye contact and try to wisper something.


honey bee
9 Tips to Survive Animals attack
  • Bees do their work regular and it is known for its hard work.
  • They protect its hive and bites if you are just walking through.
  • Dark colours can attract bees, so if you are wearing any dark shirt, then please stay away from bee hives.

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