Top Steps To Overcome Depression And Anxiety ,Top Steps To Overcome Depression And Anxiety

Always Take Time Daily To Make Yourself Get Enough Rest At Least 3 Hours Per Day Because Resting Making Your Body To Rest Enough Which Helps To Awaken And Relax All Weaken Body Parts Plus Whenever You Get Free Time Always Go And Have A Good Sleep To Have A Well Working Stable Mind Because It Is Advised By Doctors And Be Aware To Walk With Your Own Depression Or Stress Meter In Order To Know Exactly Where Or When To Step Down And Cool The Stress Or Depression Down Because Hospitals Might Be Far Where By You Me Get Much Stress And It Results Into Fainting So Travelling With Stress Meter It Will Help You To Be Aware Of Your Own Health Situation.
Avoid Involving Yourself In Other People’s Business Because It Will Affect Your Life By Adding You More Stress And Depression Make Sure No One Will Give You Much Work To Put Your Life In Danger Just Concentrate And Controlling On Your Own Situation Without Controlling Everybody Else By So Doing This It Will Generate For You Peace And Stability Within Your Own Cycle And It Will Improve On Your Health Which Put Your Life To Live Longer.
Daily Exercise
Getting Used Of Daily Dodging Will Help You To Improve Your Body Strength And Give You A Fitting Body Such As Waking Up Every Morning Run Like Two To Three Miles Daily This Will Keep Your Own Heart In Good Shape And It Will Prevent It From Bursting Attack Sound Such As Bullet Shooting, Car Tire Bursting Or Bigger Explosive Because Running Daily In Improve Your Heart Beating Pressure Which Makes Your Safe From Any Larger Sound And This Burn Off The Fats On Your Heart And Stress Chemicals Thus This Will Set You Stress Free To Live Longer.
Eating Vegetables
People With Too Much Stress Or Depression Are Always Advised To Eat Vegetables And Fruits And Much Water Which Helps Them To Reduce On Fats And High Blood Pressure Mostly Greens And This Kind Of People Are Recommended To Eat This Type Of Food Mostly Such As Cabbages, Pineapples, Mangoes, Fresh Onions And Tomatoes, Garlic, Carrots, Water Melon, Pawpaw, Passion Fruits, Apples, Sugar Canes, Eggs And Many More This Will Give Your Body A Good Health And The Best For Your Body To Perform Better On The Daily Basis And Always Maintain This Kind Of Deity To Avoid Your Heart And Body Complications.
Learn To Forgive
Many people involve themselves in wars with their neighbors, family members or their husbands and wives at home which increase on their stress and depression it they end up having difficulties in maintaining their breath because of too much pressure they use while arguing with their relatives or workmates and this kind of people keep a lot of stress on their minds and hearts which throw them in deeper depression so I advise you’re in this kind of situation you need to forgive whoever annoys you to forgive him and forget because if you don’t do this it will just make your life difficult and to add you more complication be stress free from everything around top keep a better health.
And learn to focus more on important issues to gain perspective and have fun with people you love play, sing, swim, hang out and never be afraid to share your ideas with other people because they might be going through the same situation and they help you to overcome what you’re going through also this will help you to free your blood and heart plus refreshing your own body but identify people who stresses you and deal with them before they spoil your life this will help you to live a free life.
Listening to music and watch inspiration movies
Music will always cool and calm your mind making you to forget all the bad things you have went through the whole day and watching inspiration videos will help you to learn more about life which keeps informed about what’s happening around the world thus doing this it will release you from stress and depression. Keep a positive life and the way you look will influence other people around you to treat you differently plus avoid taking drugs and other stimulants such as alcohol, smoking when having fun because this affect your own body, it stressing your body perception and working behavior .

Fall in love

Finding a right lover will help you to avoid stress and depression because falling in love with a right person will make you avoid quarreling on daily basis, when you fall in love it will help you having someone who will understand you in every situation bad or good and this person will be there for you when you need someone to talk with and this person will be helping you at home so that after your work he or she will welcome you at home, you will have someone your sharing your ideas with and that person will be there for to guide you how you should invest your time and money so that they bare positive results in whatever you’re planning to invest in.
This person will treat you once in a while with massage and cooking for you right food for your health which will increase on your body fitness because you will be eating in time and understanding things in a different way hence improving on your brain functioning.

Have no worries

Always first verify any news or story before if it is right or wrong before exploding into stress or depression and Worry no more if things goes wrong from the way you expected them to happen or quicker than you wanted that’s normal it shouldn’t stress more because things always turn negative or positive. When things go bad try to create your one space for chilling till you cool down or go for a holiday and vacation this will take away all the stress and depression you’re experiencing at the moment and learn how to set yearly goals and plan whatever you love to achieve depending on your favorite career or relationships, etc. rest enough for your life because each doesn’t come back and it is a gift just smile and be grateful for what you are that you’re a part of a wider picture in life.