Top Sports Activity Shoes Brands in India

Top 12 Sports & Activity Shoes Brands in India

1) Adidas

Adidas, the German sports gear maker has found a booming market for shoes in India.

The brand was very famous in India since the 1970s, when its shoes were imported by those returning from trips abroad. It is one of the best sports shoe brands in India.

Now, Adidas sports shoes are available online as well as brand stores across India.

2) Nike

Based in Portland, Oregon in the US, the brand Nike is synonymous in India for excellent quality sportswear.

In India, Nike offers a wide range of sports shoes for women, men, and children.

It is one of the most popular brands of sports shoes in India. Nike shoes are also used for casual wear by Indians. Most of the top athletes use and promote this shoe brand.

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3) Reebok

Reebok made its mark in the sports shoe market worldwide with the launch of ‘Ventilator’ range that allows feet to ‘breathe’ to improve performance during games or exercising.

The company was founded in 1958 in the US but now operates as a subsidiary of Adidas.

Reebok sports shoes Rank among the topmost shoe brand in India

4) Umbro

Umbro is a British brand of sportswear including shoes.

The company now operates as a subsidiary of Nike. Umbro sports shoes are very popular in India for their affordability and value for money.

Certain types of Umbro sports shoes in India are 75 percent cheaper than variants made by topmost brands.

5) Puma

Worn by sports stars of India and the world, Puma shoes cater to a niche market.

Puma is a German brand of sportswear and has extensive operations in India.

The brand is very popular among top Indian footballers and cricketers. Puma sports shoes are reasonably priced and available for women, men, and kids.

6) Action

Action Shoes is the most popular division of the New Delhi based eponymous business group.

India’s ‘God of Cricket’, Sachin Tendulkar was once the brand ambassador for Action shoes.

Action makes shoes for women and men that are commonly used for walking and jogging.

Variants for other sports such as bicycling and athletics are also made by Action Shoes.

7) Lee Cooper

Lee Cooper is a UK-based brand that specializes in denim fashions.

In India, Lee Cooper manufactures and markets a wide range of sports shoes to suit people of all ages. Lee Cooper offers shoes made of canvas and synthetic material for sports.

They are available online and through select stores across India.

8) Fila

Fila is a renowned sportswear manufacturer from South Korea.

Its global operations also cover India. Fila is expanding its sports shoes business in India by offering its range of products through reputed online stores.

Additionally, Fila has stores in Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, among other cities.

9) Lotto

Italy’s sportswear maker Lotto is known for its distinct logo that appears on footwear of world famous tennis and badminton players.

In India, you can buy Lotto sports shoes too. Lotto offers very economically priced sports shoes in India that are mostly available online, through reputed e-retailers.

10) North Star

Founded in Canada in early 1970s, North Star began as a company making shoes that would match fashion trends prevalent at the time.

Over the years, North Star spread into other markets, including Europe and India.

Sports shoes of North Star brand are made and marketed in India by Bata.

11) Skechers

USA based sports shoe manufacturer Skechers operates very popular and eponymous stores at major malls and other commercial locations in India.

Skechers shoes are also available from Bata showrooms across the country.

Skechers sports shoes are designed for every activity, from walking and jogging to gymnastics and soccer. The shoe brand is immensely popular among Indian consumers.

12) Sanspareils Greenlands

Anyone familiar with cricket will know the brand Sanspareils Greenlands.

The company’s sports shoes have been used by cricketing legends of India including Sunil Gavaskar, who was also its brand ambassador.

SG shoes are worn not only by Indian cricketers but also by stars from other countries such as Shane Watson of Australia, Kieran Powell of West Indies and Dhananjaya de Silva of Sri Lanka, among others.

Based in Meerut, India Sanspareils Greenlands makes shoes that are famous in the cricketing community worldwide.

Wrap Up

In addition to these players, India is also home to a large, unorganized shoe industry.

While medium and small-scale industries manufacture PVC slippers and shoes that are used by rural folk during heavy Indian monsoons, workshops and street-side cobblers in cities like Kolkata and Kanpur are known for hand-crafted shoes that provide excellent comfort and fashion to wearers.

Before wrapping up, we emphasize that the above listing is random and not based on financial performance, popularity or price range of any shoes.

The list is purely indicative and for educational purposes only.

Do tell us your favourite shoe brand in the comments below.


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