Top Reasons Why Ugandans Love Bobi wine And Ready For His Government

Power is going back to the hands of the people, the common people will be the bosses and leaders (MPs, councillors etc) will be the servants.

5. Misusing government offices wont be there in Bobi Wine’s regime

6. Our currency is one of the worst on planet earth, but we are lucky that we shall be having a patriotic president who loves this country he will bring back the value of our currency.

7. Everything that was sold by this government will be brought back to us.

8. There will be no tribalism in Bobi Wine’s regime. This system of giving big jobs and offices to only one tribe will stop in this government of M7. In Bobi Wine’s regime, everyone will be treated equally.

9. Expect quality infrastructures in Bobi Wine’s regime, this system of constructing fake roads that collapse within 3months are ending in tjis regime. In Bobi’s regime expect quality things.

10. These stupid indians who come and start stepping on Ugandans and mistreat ugandans in their own country will not be in Bobi Wine’s regime, Bobi Wine wont accept that Kasasiro in Uganda.

11. Bobi Wine will respect the constitution, he will only lead this country for two years and give chance to others, he will not accept this nonsense of clinging on to power.

12. Expect 21st century ideas, these fake ideas of using bottles as irrigation methods wont work in his regime NO WAY.

13. People choices and voices will be respected.

14. In Bob Wine’s regime, the police and the Army will be working for the people not for one person like it is right now.

15. Copyright law will be active.

16. 90% of the bad things in this regime will be organised in his regime.