Top Reasons Why Most Marriages End In Divorce And How To Avoid It, LACK OF FINANCES, Top Reasons Why Most Marriages End In Divorce And How To Avoid It
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Many makes life go around as to many married people understand without money many families find themselves in the blink of separation because a marriage without money nothing can be done mostly food because the family have to eat daily without any excuses from both partners, you have to pay rent monthly, paying school fees and home bills such as electricity, water, television and many more all the above are run by finances so when the money becomes an issue in the family and it becomes consistent top issue in every argument and disagreements between the two partners in their marriage they always find themselves on the road the disastrous family separation and divorce of the two partners which may result into suffering of the kid’s school results because when their parents separates they stop schooling until their parents reconcile their differences but I would advise all people mostly couples before divorcing due to less financial crisis’s first make sure both partner have done enough to ensure their lover have got enough resources to run the family but I know most ladies to tent to leave all the responsibilities to only men which live most men so stressed to extent of getting frustrated and get an idea of divorce or some men leave most of their responsibilities to the wives yet it known women to have less power to carter for the entire family this also has forced most wives to fill divorce to their husbands but if all partners come to together and they join hands to work together towards their goals and dreams we would hear any separating family anywhere we encourage.
This is the most important part in all marriages and relationships any love affair without communication can’t last any moment, all partners should know the key to the successful marriage or relationships is communicating to each other daily and every hour, this is the only way both lover could express their feelings to their loved one daily and this creates a strong bond between both partners which dig deep to learn each other daily from the daily discussion they share together. Those partners who communicate less in their love affairs find themselves in less cooperation’s as partners because many relationships and marriages are in long distance due to their places of work where some partners can stay away from their own family weeks or months so when you keep poor communication between your lover you lose that connection which leads into frustration of both partners to think or their lovers are cheating on them and all people who are in love should keep mind that when you are in a long distance relationship or marriage and tend to care less about communication in love affair they themselves in break ups of their relationships on early stage the same those in marriages get divorce early because the distance is created early and if you are not ready to share your love with the person you are in love with just don’t waste their time just stay alone till you feel ready to be in a love affair because any successful relationships or marriages requires open communication and on daily basis.
Some partners are not supportive in their lovers business or goals nor dreams this has lead a lot of break ups and divorces among partners most men in growing countries hold their partners from working due to the poor mentality they that their wives will be taken by working class men outside men and this has contributed on the financial growth of the family hence frustrate some ladies to quit their marriage or relationships because their husbands holding them back from pursuing their dreams and taking chances to find new life and opportunities which can help the family to improve in terms of finances and the fact when your partner can’t support you in all your dreams no reason to be together but as they say all successful relationship and marriages requires cooperation to sustain the family needs and this will secure the family stability when both partners work and support each other in all aspects but failure of doing this you will find your marriage relationships or verge or divorce or break ups always be supportive in everything your partner is doing and advise them where they are going in wrong direction.
One of the strongest key to successful marriages and relationship is TRUST because without trust no lover can stand each other the reasons you need trust in your love affair is because this will create a big connection and your partner will always give any secrete or business deals to run them because they trust you in everything they are doing. Trust is the leading key to successful relationships or marriages and without trust between both partners there are high chances to find themselves on difference occasion of life which results into separation. Many partners have been found of accusing their partners for cheating basing on hearsays without proof and they go ahead to extent installing spies on them where the other partner finds out what his or her partners has been doing behind their backs and this is the end of the marriage and relationships.
Most people come into relationships and marriages with much expectation such as some ladies enter marriages and relationships thinking a man is going to solve all her entire family problems plus they get what they watch on television soups and turn them into demand to their husbands not knowing those things don’t exist and go beyond to demand from their husbands expensive things such as gadgets, cars, and clothes because they to compete with their neighbors this leads men into frustration and force a man to end the relationship or marriage and marry ladies expecting them to everything such as good the food they eat in hotels, squirts they always watch movies after moving and they don’t see this things they end up in arguments as they made mistakes and bad choices to marry them which leads into divorce. And when you fail to reconcile with your partner to fulfil your needs and what you desire any lover who doesn’t want to acknowledge your interests your partner won’t notice what you want The advice should go to all partners when falling love to expect less because no one is perfect where you find your partner unable to do something just teach them how to do it by doing this your marriage and relationship will survive this storm.

Too much jealousy leads all relationships to fail because some partners end up with too much suspicion whether their partners are cheating on them or they prevent their partner’s relatives to associate with their son or daughter and this creates a huge space between the wife or husband’s relatives and friends because everyone turn to hate them because their jealousy and this most cases make some people to lose their jobs when their partners attacks their lovers workmates accusing them to be in love with them and this make most people to get over their partners behaviors result into divorce because when they fail to change with the lifestyle and can’t compromise and adopt to new changes and be together in peace. Let all partner trust their lovers this way you will get peace in your marriage and relationships.

When you are coming from different backgrounds and religions where some people have a strong belief in their cultures and religions this can bring conflicts into the family which actually affect and change the way entire family live which most cases affect the raising of the kids because as some partners want the kids to be raised into their cultures and religion by adopting the values of their family background and this can be the main cause of separation so it is always advisable to all partners to agree on some differences they before waiting too long to solve them.