Top Best Way To Build A strong Relationship and Marriages

Respect Your Partner
Everyone in marriage or relationship love to be respected by his or her partner in all situation but some lovers tend to treat their partners when they some misunderstanding like when their loved comes back late night from work they handle them with rough welcome which make them feeling unloved by their husbands or wives. But all lover should keep it mind in order to sustain their long lasting marriages or relationships respect each other is the key to successful love and everyone should treat themselves as Gods children in all aspects as you plan your future together your love will always go far beyond your imagination. Partners who respect their loved bring in peace in marriage and relationships which even teaches your children good examples how to behave when they have gone to other peoples places or at school.

Working Together As a Couple

Many people don’t want to work with their partners because they think working together will create provocative miscommunication at work which keeps many from their partners work place but they get it wrongly because when you’re working together as a couple you have much chances to save a lot of time money such as working together will reduce on fuel transport because you can use same car travelling to work and back home, you spend less money on food e.g. you can cook food from home and take it at work place for breakfast and lunch or cook from your work place plus it creates unity among the family where by in absence of another partner, the wife or husband will keep the business running for a long time while those who prefer working alone when their partners die or get disabled from accidents the family suffers more because the bread winner has died. So always we encourage all partners to work together in order to build a successful marriages or relationships. And always get time and pray as a family to ask God to bless your family and children because the family that prays together it always create unity and prosperous of the family.
The most important key in marriage affair, courtship, relationship and a strong friendship it is always communication between both parts without any misunderstand because once the communication is dead that’s the end of most marriages or relationships. We have seen many marriages and relationships end up disasters because of poor communication among both partners. Good communication it always create a strong bond between lovers and it always health to practice to avoid heart attacks from fights and misunderstandings but most partner tend to keep less communication of fearing they might talk much and annoy their lovers in any way but keep a good communication as good couples it will always make your relationships and marriages last for so long and always be grateful to each other’s effort he or she has made to keep the marriage or relationship stand still but some lovers never appreciate their partners effort they have made to make the relationship or marriage appreciating so always appreciate your loved ones because they scarifies a lot to be with you in all situations and always thank God who has kept you in your marriages and relationships.
Honesty and Trustworthiness
Honesty and trustworthiness are one of the key foundations of a successful relationship or marriage. A couple should endeavor to be truthful to each other, because a relationship built on lies will only last until the truth comes out. At the beginning of the relationship, every bitter truth and ugly secret must be revealed before it gets too late for the partner to accommodate this truth. It’s better for someone to accept you the way you are than walking in lies because you just want to keep them around, as soon as the truth comes out someone will lose trust in you and definitely walk out of your life. Take an example of a lady with two kids in her past relationship/marriage, then she gets into a new relationship where she takes the partner that she has never produced in her life time, then after a time the man was planning to wed her when he discovered about the children the woman had and that marked the end of them and that’s how the lady missed the opportunity and she ended up in regrets of how I wish I had told him earlier. So however big the secret is, if it may cause problems in future, say it to your partner because in marriage your one person.
Love and care
The concrete foundation of a strong, healthy, happy and a long lasting relationship/marriage is love and care. Without love and care it is a temporary relationship full of agony, misery, fights or even loss of life. The major magnet to attract people into a relationship is love, both partners must be in love with each other. Love attracts care for each other, kindness, respect which are the factors that influence a successful marriage. Love sums it all up because when you love someone truly at heart you always wish to do what is best for them, you can never wish to hurt them in anyway. But now days there are many things that prompt people to enter a relationship/ marriage but not love that’s why the number of single mothers, divorces and things of a sort is alarming. One of them is money, many people are forced to relationships or get marriages because they want a luxurious life full of money and wealthy, so when reality comes in there is no love at all, when money is no more, the marriage will be finished. The other factor that pushes people in marriage is pregnancy, when a girl mistakenly gets pregnant she is forced to go into marriage where in most cases there is no love and the results are always negative. Therefore love is so fundamental in relationships/marriages is key because it remains when money, beauty etc. are all gone.
Plan and Investments
Planning and invest as a couple it will always help to secure your future family because when you do investments together it create unity and trustworthy in a family and it makes the relationship or marriage to grow stronger and encourages them to stay together as long as they have businesses and investment it is hardly to get split due to the hard work they have put together to sustain their family needs. And couples who have much project together it always help them to force’s more about their businesses thus have less time to be on the necks of their partners . so all lover should plan and invest in one business as family where the family members will get enough time to be together without missing each other for a long time and always teach your partner or children how to run that business in case you’re not around hence you will have a successful marriage or relationship
God must be at the center of your marriage/relationship for it to glow like a burning flame. The couple must be prayerful and always pray for each other and for their dreams to come true. Jesus cares and provides for those who seek his face, for with prayer nothing can be impossible for prayer restores hope, faithfulness. The grace of God is always sufficient to sustain, guide and empower you as a couple. One, if not both of the partners in a relationship must be prayerful in order to enjoy a happy and successful relationship/marriage. For the word of God stresses out love as the greatest commandment and it states various verses about marriage so but following the word of God, the couple can be built healthily standing by Christ and the word of God.