Top 8 Stages Of Your Life To Make Success, Steps for Success in your Dream Career Top 8 Stages Of Your Life To Make Success

  • Properly direct your competitive energy. …
  • Be authentic. …
  • Find the right environment for success. …
  • Always prioritize. …
  • Carve out time for critical thinking. …
  • Develop situational leadership. …
  • Challenge yourself; rinse, repeat. …
  • Never stop learning.

Here we are going to discus about 8 Stages Of Your Life

The problem which you face daily, your emotions , from where it rises and what is the purpose of your life , where to search an answer for the above questions. To solve the problem in your life at various positions, here is a simple solution, let we have a look at it.

8 Stages Of Your Life
8 Stages Of Your Life

There are 8 stages in every human life and there is a task to do in every stage. If you finish that task in every stages, what you will get and if not completed, what will happen ? those things decide the development in your life


8 Stages Of Your Life

From birth to the age of two, a baby should get a trust from persons, i mean the parents. Think about it, For a small baby, it cannot do any thing in its own. If hunger they can’t eat on own, if ant bites, they can’t even able to tell what happened. At that time, mother or even some other person should be near to the baby to give food and take care of it. If this happened, then the baby will have a huge trust in its life. If not, there will be some problem in trusting at any age.

2 Up to the age of 4

For the first time, Instead of peeing on where the baby sits or stands, they should practise to tell that they want to go for toilet or they should know how to use toilet. This task is such an important thing. If the dress which a baby wears is slipping, they should have a knowledge to wear it again. If these task is not able to do by the child, or even in affection, the parents may used to do it, the baby may feel negative shyness and less trust.

3. Up to the age of 5

At this stage, the baby should know how to walk and should know a little about how to run. And should try to understand what is happening around the world. If this task takes place, then the baby can easily make decisions in life otherwise, at each situation, the baby don’t know how to make a clear decision.

4.Up to 12

At this time period, the should play with other people of its same age, and know about how to make relationship with people in its surroundings. It will be helpful in making friend easily and mingle with them easily. If not, then the baby will have inferiority complex in it. If parents says like, youu should not play with a particular boy or girl, they are bay person, then the parents are making the baby to grow with inferiority complex without their knowledge.

5.Up to 19

A thing that arises here at this stage is “Identity “. Think about it deeply, this is a stage to choose high school, collage and To decide what to study, what to become , which type of person. The important thing in this stage is that, if a baby did this task with or without the permission of their parents, then the baby realize the thing who he is in this world. If not, the baby will not know what to do, who he is, even at the age of 40.

6.Up to 35


Love and affection should takes place at this stage. Not only like a love from a girl or love from a boy and also his own baby, friend. Should know how to make a intimate connection between people. Here, intimate connection means, I am here for you and you are here for me in life. If not, the baby will feel like isolated.

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7.Up to 60

A thought should arise that the person is useful for both his family and for also other people. If not, then it is called as mid life crisis, the person don’t know where his life is moving on and also will not know what is his purpose in life.

8.Till Death

last day
8 Stages Of Your Life

A thought should arise that i have made good things in my life, i have lived a happy life. If a thought arises like if any chance will be there to go back to young age, or having some works to be done in young age, then the person may have incompleted some tasks in his previous stages.

So try to identify at which stage you are, and try to fulfill all the tasks and live a happy life.

The life in this earth is beautiful and easy.