Top 23 Secret Combinations In Your Computer Keyboard that will save your Time

23 Secret Combinations in your Computer Keyboard, Here is the 23 Secret Combinations in your Computer Keyboard

Only twenty years ago, the most advanced computer has a hard drive about  320 megabytes, But now-a-says a lot of things changed. We almost don’t use mouse anymore because we prefer touch pads or touch screen. But what abou the keyboard, the only thing which is unchanged.

Here is the list of hot key combinations in keyboard,

First of all you need to find the windows key, yes on your left lowest corner and to the left of the space bar, as it has 23 key combinations.

1. Windows Key


  • When you press windows key, it will open the start menu

2. Winkey + A

  • Pressing winkey + A, it will open the action center, the action center will give you quick access to its settings, which is more easier.

3. Winkey + B

  • Pressing winkey + B selects the first icon in the notification ares. and then you can move to next icon using arrow key.

4. Winkey + Ctrl + B


  • Pressing winkey + Ctrl + B switches tp a new program indicating new messages from the notification area.

5. Winkey + C

  • Pressing Winkey + C opens charms barin windows 8, and opens carona in windows 10.


6. Winkey + D

  • Pressing Winkey + D will minimize all the open windows  immediately and you will see youe desktop in a split of a second.


7. Winkey + E

  • Pressing Winkey + E will opens windows explorer, in windows 10, it will open quick launch also in default.

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8. Winkey + F

  • Pressing Winkey + F opens find files and folders, in windows 10, it will open feedback.


9. Winkey + Ctrl + F

  • Pressing Winkey + Ctrl + F opens find computers.


10. Winkey + G

  • Pressing Winkey + G , it works differently in different wimdows version.
  • In windows 7 and vista it brings all the gadgets to the foreground whatever is in process.
  • In windows 10, it will open the game bar.


11. Winkey + K

  • Pressing Winkey + K, it will open connections in windows 8 and 8.1. if you want to change the user you can use this combination.


12. Winkey + L

  • Pressing Winkey + L, it will lock your computer.


13. Winkey + M

  • Pressing Winkey + M, minimizes all the windows


14. Winkey + Shift + M

  • Pressing Winkey + Shift + M, it will restore the minimized window.

15. Winkey + O

  • Pressing Winkey + O, it locks your device orientation and it disables gyroscope function in your tablets.


16. Winkey + P

  • Do you use internal monitor or projector?
  • Then Pressing Winkey + P will be more useful.
  • It has switch opeating mode, and also it works on windows 7 and newer version.


17. Winkey + Q

  • Pressing Winkey + Q, it will open a search charm to find all the installed apps in windows 8 and 10


18. Winkey + R

  • Pressing Winkey + R, it will open the run dialogue box and then you can choose a program that you want to run.

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19. Winkey + T

  • Pressing Winkey + T, it focus on the task bar and it works on windows 7 and newer version.


20. Winkey + U

  • Pressing Winkey + U will open utility manager.

21. Winkey + W

  • Do you need to work with notes or screenshot?
  • Then Pressing Winkey + W opens windows ink worhspace for you.

22. Winkey + X

  • Pressing Winkey + X opens quick links menu for you.


23. Winkey + Y

  • Pressing Winkey + Y will opens Yahoo messenger

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