Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Guns 2018

Top 10 World’s Most Dangerous Guns

The relationship between weapons and human being is deep and strong rooted in history. For decades, man is using different types of weapons for his security, safety and protection. Generally, guns are also called as firearms. Relatively, all guns are dangerous but there are certain firearms that are used in the danger department or field. Here, we have mentioned top 10 most dangerous guns in the world that are a great warning to the humankind. These guns are very dangerous so, do not try to play with these guns.

  1. FN FAL

The most dangerous gun made by the Fabrique Nationale d’Herstal, hence it is known as FN FAL gun. This gun is created by the Belgian manufacturer. Mostly, these firearms are used by the army. The FAL runs on the gas-operating system and assembled for 7.62x51mm NATO canisters. When it is in fully automatic mode, it can fire 700 rounds per minute. It is not recommended to use in the mode. When firing this FN FAL firearm in a fully automatic mode, it can immediately cause it to off-target. Since 1953, more than 2 million FN FAL are generated. The FAL is one of the most extensively used firearms in yesteryears.

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  1. Rheinmetall MG 3

Rheinmetall MG is a common-purpose machine gun produced by Rheinmetall which is an army technology group. The firearm is made by the German manufacturer who is a military gun and automotive parts manufacturer. Rheinmetall gun uses 7.62x51mm NATO cartridges that are recoil-operated fully automatic gun.The MG 3 firearm used as a support gun can work in both a light machine gun and heavy machine gun roles. It can also be firmed on soldiery vehicles for security. The Rheinmetall MG 3 can shoot up to 1,300 rounds per minute. It’s one of the best and most dangerous team support firearms used by military force throughout the world.

  1. Uzi Sub-machine Gun

Uzi is a submachine gun which was manufactured by the Major Uziel Gal of the Israel Defense Forces. It is a blowback-operated gun that is first introduced to the IDF in the year 1954. Before modernizing the design by the manufacturer, it is equipped with a wooden buttstock for security or stability. It uses 9mm cartridges. This Uzi Sub-machine gun can fire up to 600 rounds per minute. This gun is small in size hence it is utilized by the drivers and engineers. No doubt, Uzi Sub-machine gun is a dangerous gun that can switch between semi-automatic and automatic fire modes as well,Uzi is a famous alternative among criminals.

  1. Glock .45 Caliber G.A.P

Glock .45 Calibers G.A.P is a semi-automatic pistol that is manufactured and found by the weapon manufacturer Gaston Glock who is from Austria. GAP actually stands for ‘Glock Automatic Pistol’. The Glock .45 Caliber G.A.P gun is a short recoil-operated firearm and available in different versions Glock 37, Glock 38, and Glock 39. This Glock pistol is very easy to handle and easy to carry. It can be assembled for various cartridges, including a .45 GAP which is particularly developed for Glock pistols. With over 5 million units of the polymer-framed pistol have been produced since 2007. Glock pistols are usually outfitted with laser sights by specific forces in the army.

  1. Kalashnikov AK-47

Kalashnikov AK-47 is the firearm that has been in use for a long time and it is one of the most powerful firearms on the globe. Kalashnikov AK-47 gun is created by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Therefore, this gun known by his name and he has proven to be the instrument of destruction and terror on a worldwide basis. Kalashnikov AK-47 gun can fire up to 580 rounds per minute. This firearm has the unique appearance and gun function in both a light machine gun and sniper gun roles.

  1. Heckler and Koch Hk416 Assault riffle

Heckler and Koch Hk416 Assault rifle is a pistol manufactured by the German weapons manufacturer. This gun considered as a new and improved destruction instrument. Heckler and Koch Hk416 look similar to the M4 Carbine. HK416 chambered for 5.56x45mm NATO canister and comes in different sizes: 264 mm is shortest size, sub-compact 505 mm full-sized rifle is the longest one. The Heckler and Koch HK416 use a short-stroke piston action and can shoot up to 900 rounds within the shortest period of time.

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  1. Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol

Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol is eagle shaped pistol hence it is called as ‘Desert Eagle Pistol’. The model of this pistol is produced by the Magnum research in the year 1982. The Desert Eagle is a semi-automatic, gas-operated pistol or handgun with a maximum firing range of 200 meters. This elegantly designed pistol has a typical handle and the curved edge at the end of the barrel. The Desert Eagle Pistol is the world’s most dangerous guns, it is the most powerful semi-automatics firearm among most powerful guns.

  1. The Tracking Point Rifle

The Tracking Point Rifle is the most dangerous and powerful gun to exist in our globe. This Tracking Point gun is a precision-guided firearm that is manufactured by the American company. TrackingPoint produces firearms equipped with a networked tracking scope also called as Iron Man’s helmet AI, which converts normal rifles into ‘smart rifles’. The Tracking Point Rifle has chamber for 7.62x51mm NATO canister.

  1. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle

Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle is manufactured by the Accuracy International and created by the British firearms manufacturer. This Sniper Rifle specifically designed for the British Armed Forces and the United States Navy SEALs and it is one of the dangerous sniper rifles in our planet. Accuracy International AS50 Sniper Rifle works on gas-operated technology and is chambered for a .50 BMG cartridge. It accurately takes out targets from 1,500 meters away. This firearm has the latest advancement in ammunition technology therefore, it is also known as ‘Explosive Bullet’.

  1. M4 Carbine

M4 Carbine is a lighter and shorter firearm widely used by the United States Armed Forces. It is the smaller version of the popular M16 Rifle. M4 Carbine is a direct impingement gas-operated gun. The M4 is capable of firing in semi-automatic and three round burst modes. The M4 Carbine gun is chambered for a 5.56×45mm NATO canister. It is an extremely effective and dangerous gun, because of its firepower and portability. M4 Carbine rifle can fire up to 950 rounds per minute.


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