Top 10 steps to take on the first date,When going for the first date always get prepare in everything such mind and how you look it can give a better impression toward someone you are going on the date with because the first sight you take on someone it gives you a good feeling to what to do next.

Pay for whatever you have used on the date never ever allow give woman a chance to pay for anything on the first because that’s diffidently will show her you are not a man enough to take care of her but if she love to be part of the bills you can allow her but at least let take 1% of the budget you have used that moment because it is the first rule of dating men are supposed to clear the bills on dating after clearing the bill make sure you secure her returning back home with a good car transport all else you can escort her to her places then go back to your place later. All ladies love this if you pass it as I have mentioned above then you will be qualified the first step to win a woman’s heart and she will be home thinking about you all night.


Don’t take your first date in cinema complex on the first day because any normal person would love a cool silent calm place everyone would experience each other and take time to know each other on the first date because the majority of the moments on the first date are spent knowing each other and getting deep into someone’s life such what they are doing in life and why do they choose to come on that particular date, why do they left their Exs but make sure you also take her somewhere you can afford and where you feel free to experience what is on your heart like you might in a place where they will charge you high bills when you can’t afford them this will surely kill your comfort immediately and get stuck what to do next, if you feel you can’t afford paying paces such as hotels or beaches. There many places you can organize your cheap date places like game parks, gardens or even at your own place you just have to make it look elegancy and just be creative by preparing some good flowers on the table, soft drinks, plus a cheap good meal for a simple day.

Never try to put yourself in shoes you don’t fit in, many people create an image which is not theirs on the first date because they want to look perfect which they think will make their dates fall for them easily. For example guys go on and borrow suits with dope shoes which they had never worn for their entire life just because they want to look smart and hot please dude just be you and dress up smartly in what you have always been wearing because she will notice that it’s your first time in suit. Others try to fake accents so that the girl thinks that you went to the best college my brother use your usual accent if she really loves you then she will cope with that natural mother tongue accent. Ladies wear a lot of makeup to look hot and sexy yet in actual sense they look different, try to wear a little makeup so that the man gents a real picture of someone he is really starting a journey of love with. The first date the best and ample time to literally analyse each other and make decisions of either to continue with the relationship or not so it’s the best time for both of you to know who you really and them decide on the next step.
The first date is like a point of trying to be perfect and the most weakness of every human being is time management. If you come late trust me you’re going to miss the date or even lose the opportunity for the relationship because it will be a great disappointment to your date. If the date time is 6:00 Pm, let you be there before time and prepare yourself, get a drink calm yourself down and prepare yourself to warmly welcome your date. Never allow her to arrive before you because you will be ashamed and you will lose credit and create a negative impression which will be so hard for you to erase, imagine yourself coming late, all rushing, sweating allover because you failed to keep time, you will make a nuisance of yourself and if you find very serious and principled ladies they will walk away and leave you there because serious and responsible men are great time keepers. My brother make it a point if it means finalizing all your responsibilities and programs you have on that date day the previous day then do that so you get ample time to prepare for your date because it is indeed a special day that is worth preparing for that day.


I know that it’s such a moment that can make you nervous because you’re meeting someone for the first time, but please try to gather all confidence from all corners of the world. Say whatever you have to say like you mean it, look straight into her eyes and say you love her and all the plans you have for her, try to make her speechless like don’t allow her to overpower you in speech. Speak with vigor and intelligence, don’t shy away because she might not take your words serious. Whatever you do have confidence, walk confidently, and speak confidently. Answer all her questions with intelligence and confident. Confidence doesn’t mean that being too serious, wearing a scary face, no my brother you will scare her off. She will fear you instead of respect you, therefore your confidence will earn you respect from her.

When you are picking her on the first date hold and open for her a car door when she is entering and do the same when she is leaving back home even when you have reached at dating place please for her a chair where she is going to seat this will show her how kind and respectful you are to her and this is shows you are a man enough to carry her life with her and do everything without expecting anything in return because a date is not a business or a job where you are expecting a salary after doing everything for her and payments you expect something in return NO. you should make sure you don’t buy drinks such as beers, win and champagnes to keep the respect you are not compromising anything from her and after the dates ends you should offer her a small huge and a forehead kiss and thank her for her time and don’t forget to call her back to make sure if she has reached home safely. The results of the above tips will live you amazed the next day you get to hear from her.