Top 10 Items You Probably Didn’t Know Are Radioactive,Top 10 Items You Probably Didn’t Know Are Radioactive.Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactive

Here is the Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactive that you dont know,

Definition of Radiation:

The emission and propagation of energy in the form of Rays or Waves. The energy radiated or transmitted in the form of Rays, Waves, or Particles. A stream of particles or electromagnetic waves that is emitted by the atoms and molecules of a radioactive substance as a result of nuclear decay.

Factors like its strength, Type and Length og Exposure determines its Danger level.


Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactive
Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactive
  • Potato is a radioactive,   shocked – don’t worry just a little.
  • It has between 1 and 2.5 picocurie per kilo gram of RADON-226, and 3400 picocurie per kilogram of POTASSIUM-40.
  • French fries, chips and other products made up of potatoes are littte bit a radioactive.
  • But it is safe to eat, don’t worry.




ordinary radioactive things

  • Well, it is not a super Radioactive but it still remains a Radioactive.
  • Beer contains  Around 390 picocurie per kilogram of POTASSIUM-40.
  • But the amount of radiation is quite insignificant and you can consume and enjoy as like normal.
  • Even though it is likely to be radioactive.

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Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactive

  • Here we are talking about granite kitchen tops, floors, pillars.
  • It looks great with granite decorations but what the thing is it has  radioactive danger.
  • Naturally it occurs that the granite retains radiation.
  • Remember that when it comes in kitchen side, your food also gets affected due to radiation.
  • But it is quite a little amount of radiation only, so don’t need to remove decorated granites.


6.Old pottery cups and glassware

cups and glassware

  • Many potteries produced during the first half of the 20th century contains high amount of uranium.
  • You may think that those pottery are your memories of your grandmother, but it is also a radioactive.
  • Specially for orange and red colored product, Uranium is mixed to give that brighter color.
  • Old glasses which is green in color is also dangerous due to the same reason.

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banana fruit

  • Bananas have genetics, and produce radiation.
  • Banana is rich in potassium and an average banana emits 14 decays per second and has 450 mg of potassium in it.
  • The good news is it is not dangerous for you if consumed in a little amount.
  • So there is no need to say no to bananas, you can eat and enjoy bananas.


4.Cat litters

Top 9 Ordinary Things Which Is Radioactivekitty litters

  • If you have a cat at home, you will have a kitty litter obviously.
  • Kitty litter prevents the nasty smell done by your cat, i think you understand that.
  • Do you know in what material your kitty litter is made up of?.
  • The main component is Bentonite Clay which contains URANIUM and THORIUM, which are effectively radioactive.

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3.Exit sign



  • Everywhere, in schools, collage, hospital etc etc, you can see this exit board.
  • Have you think about what material does it contains?
  • How they get lighten during emergency?
  • It contains the samples of Radioactive isotopes of HYDROGEN called as TRITIUM which is stored inside.



cigarret addiction

  • Many of the cigarrets contains materials like POLONIUM-210 and LEAD-210.
  • Alexander Litvenenko a EX-Russian Spy was killed using POLONIUM-210.
  • Tobbaco is used as a major , when one  lights the cigarret and smokes, it comes out in the form of vapour into the air and gets inhaled and (if continued smoking for long times)  deposits in lungs and cause major lung diseases.
  • Do you want to take the risk?


1.Magazine paper

glossy magazine papper

  • Magazine papers when it is rich and glossy, many people buy for this reason.
  • Its looks great, smells great, but you don’t know in which material its is made of.
  • The paper has to be covered using KAOLIN, which is a sort of white clay.
  • It contains radioactive elements like URANIUM and THORIUM.

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