Challenges in life

  There was a lady who a lighted from a matatu and unknowingly dropped her important documents. A shabbily and dirty dressed boy saw what happened and rushed at the spot to pick the purse. Listen​ to the conversation

Boy: Sorry siz can you give me an ear?
Lady: Leave me alone you vagrant dirty

Boy: Please sister just give me an ear. I know am dirty but kindly listen to me.
Lady: If you know you are dirty, what do you want? I have nothing to do with you.
Boy: I just want to pass an important message to you and leave.
Lady: You are not the type to pass messages to me, you filthy brat.

Boy: Just a second Miss, wait! Look am pleading with you!
Lady: He wants to rob me. Help! Help! She shouted.
Boy: I am not trying to rob you. I want to help.
A nearby mob began ti beat up the boy.
Boy: I am sorry, I only wanted to assist her. The boy shouted.
Mob: You are a chokora, who said you can assist this beautiful lady? Then they continued with beating the boy.
Lady: Beat him up. He wanted to still from me. Kill him. They always harass us around here.

Boy: If you knew, you wouldn’t​ have beaten me. Can I tell you the truth?
Mob: Talk or else we will kill you.
Boy: My sister when you were alighting from the matatu, you dropped your purse. I rushed and picked it. I have been pleading with you to give a hearing so that I give it back to you but you didn’t​ .Here is your purse take it.
The mob then left the boy bleeding, injured,
 weak and helpless .
Lady: Ooh my God! I am sorry. I didn’t​ know.
The boy woke up and started slowly walking away in pain.
Lady:  Brother don’ t walk away.
Boy: You said am not your type. Am filthy, vagrant, a thief and brat. You called me all names.
Lady: Woooi! Please wait , I want to thank you.
Boy: There is nothing you can do for me now. If I die as a result of the injuries sustained from the beatings, my blood will haunt you the rest of your life.
The lady opened her purse and found everything. That is bank ATMs, money and phone.Nothing was missing.
After a week the lady went to church ready to give a testimony and accompanying thanks offering for what God did to her. On arrival she was surprised to find a tent, a coffin and a funeral procession. People were in groups talking in low voices.
She gathered courage and inquired of whose funeral it was. She was informed it was the body of a young boy who was a member of the church. He had gone missing for a while. He was beaten to death by a mob . His parents had been searching for him without success. He died because of accusations from a young lady who is of your age.
The lady then remembered the last words of the boy. If I die… my death will haunt you. She wept bitterly but the boy was no more.
How many people have you killed physically, emotionally , psychologically and spiritually?
How many people have you looked down upon? How many people have you despised because of their social status?

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The lady in the story.