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Shall we pray…

Dear Heavenly Father, we humbly enter into Your presence on bended knee. You are high and lifted up, worthy of our praise, hearing, seeing and knowing all. Please hear our humble cry of deep contrition, and turn our doubt into complete trust. That we would trust in Thy merit. You will not forsake those who turn from this world and return to You.

Thank You for making a way of reconciliation. Your Only Begotten Son left His heavenly home, lived among us, showed us how to live, and paid our debt. His atonement, on our behalf, allows us the privilege to commune with You. So, we cry out to be shielded, saved amid the darkness of this fallen world which is all around us, pressing in hard. The only hope for our wounded, broken spirit is the comfort of our Savior. Please attend to our pleading, do not pass us by. Check more prayers here

We are thankful for the trials in this life. We know that You always give us a way of escape. Please help us to choose aright so our characters may be transformed from glory to glory. We know that You see the end from the beginning, and that Your timing is perfect. Please help us to wait on You, to fully rely on You, so that Your plans and purposes may be accomplished in and through us.

We bring our petitions before You, Heavenly Father.
In Jesus name we pray.

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