The topic of sex is a deep and sensitive one and I must mention right now that I am not writing this status to arouse or provoke sexual feelings in anyone but to simply share the mind of God on this matter. So bear in mind that I wrote this with good intentions.
To begin with, sex is and was God’s idea. Let us call a spade a spade, both you and I are in this world because of sex. Had it not been for sex, you and I would not have come into being. So there is absolutely nothing wrong with sex, but there is something wrong with the way it is being used by some today.

Many people today have a negative opinion of sex because man has misused this gift that God gave to him. Many parents are unwilling to openly discuss this topic with their children. Few parents even have the courage to mention that word in the presence of their children, talk less of having a discussion with them about it. It is God who made sex; He created sex. The devil has never created anything, He only takes what God created and uses it negatively to destroy people. God created sex for three main reasons and these are:
1) As a channel of bringing humans into the world.
2) To tie two newly weds of the opposite sex together.
3) For enjoyment and satisfaction(If married).

Sex is a method or perhaps I should say a way God chose to bring His creation into this world. Sex is actually a good thing but it can have negative consequences on those who chose to misuse it.
Sex is far more powerful than most of us think.

It is risky to have sex before the right time. This is because sex is both physical and spiritual. Sex affects every part of man. The spirit, soul and body of man are all involved in sex, it’s not just the body as most people think. When you are having sex, your body, mind and spirit will be connecting to the other person’s body, mind and spirit. Therefore, sex is body to body, mind to mind and spirit to spirit. And because of this, a lot of things, both spiritual and physical are transferred through sex. In case you did not know, not only is the deadly disease HIV and other STIs transferred through sexual intercourse but demons, moods and bad habits are also given in sex. Yes this is true. The spiritual part of sex opens the door for spirits to enter. If one has sex with another who is demon-possessed, then there is no doubt that they also will become possessed. Millions today have become possessed without even being aware of it because they fail to realise that sex is also spiritual.

Aside from that, there are also what we call soul ties or sexual bonds that are formed when two people have sex for the first time. When you have sex with someone, there is a part of you that you leave with them and at the same time there is a part of them that you take with you. Once you have sex with someone, you form a strong connection; your souls are tied together. And this is the reason why most ladies find it hard to leave and forget the man who broke their virginity. This is because of the soul tie they made with that person. And this is why sex was only meant to happen between two married couples to tie them together for life. And concerning this, my advice goes especially to the ladies. Ladies, kindly listen to this piece of advice. Don’t open your legs to any man before marriage. No offence but opening your legs to a man before marriage only shows how less you value your body. Such men don’t even have genuine love for you.

A man who truly loves and respects his woman cannot demand for sex before marriage, no, a man who genuinely loves you is willing to wait. There are some men who try to influence or manipulate their women by saying, “If you love me, then prove it by sleeping with me.” Don’t give into that manipulation. It is not sex that proves you love someone; it is your faithfulness and loyalty to that person that proves your love for them. Sex is not a way of proving that you love someone. Sex is not love and love is not sex. Sex only strengthens the intimacy and fellowship between husband and wife.

But it has nothing to do with love. Put more value on yourself as a woman and disconnect yourself from a man who is demanding for sex before the right time because I can assure you that his intentions are not good. Once you have sex with a man before marriage, you give him licence to dump you and go and do the same to the next woman. And you cannot trust someone who is making love to you before the two of you are pronounced as ‘husband and wife’.(This applies to both men and women). Because if that person can sleep with you now that the both of you are not married, then what makes you think they are not doing it with someone else. There is a high chance that one who sleeps with you before marriage also does the same with another person. So if you are a woman who has never had your man demand for sex from you or you are a man and your woman has never demanded for sex from you, then trust that person, because that’s a sign that they are loyal.

Today, unwanted pregnancies of young girls and the spread of HIV are ever increasing because man has misused the gift God gave to him. No wonder sex is thought of as being a bad thing by many when it is actually not so long as we use it according to God’s standards.
My encouragement to those of us who are not yet married is that let us wait for God’s time. God’s time is the right time. Let us not rush into these things. Sex is and will always be there. People have found and left it. When we follow God’s ways, we are doing ourselves a favor.

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