The Power of Prayer

Do you pray on a daily basis, giving thanks for the food you eat? Do you pray before you drive in your car, asking for protection against personal injury or that the car runs smoothly? Are your prayers filled with gratitude and joy? Or do you only pray when you are sick in the hospital, having lost your job or are threatened with dire news? Is the act of praying intensely personal to you and done in private? Do you consider it a sui generis experience? Is prayer magnified tenfold, much more powerful when rendered by like-minded people in a community, a province, a state, a continent or the entire world? Have you ever experienced the miraculous effect of prayers done on a global scale? Are you aware of people who have?

Do you remember the Apollo 13 space voyage that ended in near disaster? If so, can you recall exactly where you were the moment it touched down after its re-entry? It depends on how old you are as you read this. Here is a short synopsis.

NASA launched the Apollo 13 spacecraft on April 11, 1970. It never landed on the moon because an oxygen tank exploded two days into the trip, affecting the crews’ oxygen supply. The crew had to transfer into the Lunar Module (LM) to stay alive. Unfortunately, the LM was never designed to house more than 2 astronauts, and was designed to land on the moon.

The astronauts encountered a build-up of carbon dioxide in the Lunar Module. Personnel on the ground were given the task of making an air purifier using only what was available in the spacecraft. They solved the problem “by taping a plastic bag around one end of a CM lithium hydroxide cartridge and attaching a hose from the portable life-support system, allowing air from the cabin to be circulated through it. After verifying that this jury rig would function, they prepared detailed instructions for building it from materials available in the spacecraft and read them out to the crew. For the rest of the mission the improvised system kept the CO2 content of the atmosphere well below hazardous levels.” ¹

Can you imagine the amount of stress the entire team was under? Failure was not an option. They were working against the clock. Do you think any or all of them were praying? It’s very likely! The entire world was watching! In fact, prayers were said around the world for the safe return of these astronauts! Do you believe that prayer on a global level affected the outcome?

In an article by Rick Hamlin entitled Do You Need to Believe in God to Pray?, he writes that his friend affirms that, “When many people are holding on to the same good thought you have to trust that the universe responds.”²

What a lovely opinion!

What do you think he means by the universe? The simple answer is that you get to decide what the universe means to you. Just like you get to determine whether praying empowers you or not. Do you need to believe in God to pray? Only you can answer this question!

How do you feel when you pray? Does the act of praying reinforce the belief that what you are asking for is already yours? Is it necessary to pray with humility, or do you get faster results if you say, “I command that such and such happen”?

Is prayer considered similar to having a conversation with God, a Higher Power or the universe? Does it always have to be amicable? What if you are angry, hurt, feel betrayed and don’t know where to direct your wrath? Isn’t this a perfect time to pray? Isn’t this a perfect opportunity to lay all your cards on the table? Yes, no, maybe? Wouldn’t it be great if you realized that prayer is your nonstop support system? You could say anything in prayer and it would be accepted without reservation of censure! How would this change your life? Imagine having an argument with God or the universe? Wow, visualize that! FOR MORE PRAYER CHECK HERE

How would this change the way you pray? These are interesting questions to ponder. The power of prayer is in the meaning you attribute to it. It is the feeling of ‘not being alone’, of being part of a greater whole and contributing. Prayer supports you in times of need and in moments of triumph. It never lets you down. Simply put, you can count on it!


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