The Official Statement About Bobi Wine’s Body Guard Eddy Mutwe

STATEMENT ON EDDIE MUTWE (Bobi’s body guard)

Eddie was arrested as we r all aware and kept in military custody for a week. We petitioned court and indeed the Judge passed an order for the immediate production of Eddie Mutwe to courts of law for Justice to prevail.


With this judgment, the CMI released Eddie to Jinja Road Police and apparently Treason charges have been preferred against him with 33 others in the aftermath of the Arua by-election. This brings the number to 34.
He is likely to be produced in court either tomorrow 3rd or Tuesday 4th September for the first hearing. The good news though is that this case is bailable and just like the other 33, Eddie will certainty walk out a free man.

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BOBI Wine Body Guard Charged With Treason After Pressure To Produce Him To Coart Dead Or Alive

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