The FDC of Amuriat is working for NRM, He can’t be trusted – Bihande

Bobi Wine during rehearsals( 📷©️Bobiwine), A cold war broke out on Monday evening in the biggest opposition party, Forum for Democratic Change [FDC] after one of the members accused the party president of working for ruling government.

Yokasi Bihande Bwambale, a former member of FDC National Executive Committee [NEC] appeared on NBS television and accused Patrick Amuriat Oboi of working with President Museveni.
A husband to former leader of opposition household Winnie Kizza, Bihande and his family have since abandoned their village home in Kiburara Kiyonga sub county Kasese district following continued alleged raids on their home by men in uniform.
Bihande claimed that the attack could be connected to plans to break away from the Forum for Democratic Change.
“The FDC of Amuriat is working for NRM. It can’t be trusted,” he stated.
War of words 
FDC secretary for mobilisation, Ingrid Turinawe, could not contain her anger anymore.
She said according to Hon. Bihande, the military siege of their home was by FDC.
He has said they wanted to launch their break away party from FDC, so the siege intended to foil it.
That a new party has been formed and only awaits unveiling and that Amuriat FDC is an extension of NRM and there is no question about it.
Ingrid pointed out what hurt her most and did not push the matter further.
It was Ronald Muhinda, the aide of Kizza Besigye who removed his gloves and went personal.
“I love politics of honesty. Mr. Yokasi Bihande says he and his group are incorruptible. May be they are indeed incorruptible,” Muhinda stated.
He added: “But Yokasi Bihande was convicted of embezzlement of millions of shillings by Catherine Bamugemereire of Anti-corruption Court in 2012. The money was tax payers money. That is on record.”
Muhinda said the decision was upheld by the Constitutional Court in 2015 and he lost his Bukonzo East parliamentary seat.
That is also on record. He was MP on FDC ticket. He was also barred from holding a public office for 10 years, Muhinda noted.
“Now he is saying he is incorruptible and accuses FDC of being like NRM. And indeed if FDC MPs can be convicted of corruption, then it’s possibly true that some FDC members behave like NRM members,” he pointed out.
He said it would be great if Bihande reformed but if there are other corrupt FDC members, they should be forced to vomit public funds.
The thread was picked up by FDC Iron Lady Kristeen Behimbisa who pointed out: “Age has caught up with this old man Bihande (Winnie Kiiza’s husband). I can’t believe he has forgotten that he is known for embezzlement.”
Meeting Amuriat 
Bihande last met Amuriat‏ in December 2017 after the former had walloped Mugisha Muntu to win the FDC presidency.
As we gathered, Muntu had proposed Bihande’s name for the position of Deputy Secretary for Mobilisation for Western Uganda.
It’s not clear what went wrong. Sources in the party believe Bihande could be upset for being left out of the juicy positions.
Worse still, his wife Kiiza was unceremoniously dropped as Leader of Opposition on parliament and replaced with Betty Aol Ocan.
She has since raised dust and even threatened to leave the main party.
According to Amuriat, the December 2017 meeting “was cordial and in the spirit of friendship. It was also attended by Hon. Yokasi Bihande a member of FDC NEC. A number of issues were raised and discussed”.
Ugly past 
In November 2015, Bihande conceded defeat in Bukonzo East MP FDC primaries and congratulated Tony Muhindo.
Bihande had been in parliament since 2006. In September the same year, the Constitutional Court had ordered Bihande to leave parliament and pay back the salaries, allowances and other emoluments he had been earning since 2012, when he was convicted by the Anti-Corruption Court.