The Evidence About the plan to assasinate Bobi wine

Arua Violence Report. What went wrong?

My support for BOBI Wine has no influence to this report, I have been following and gathering information from all corners of Arua and from security agents on the ground on what really happened. The Evidence About the plan to assasinate Bobi wine

It’s my duty as a Ugandan to come out and tell Ugandans the truth without bias and I will do so For God and My Country.

What Happened on Monday evening.

1. The Presidential Convoy left grounds at 6:00PM, in a video posted it’s was seen leaving without any disturbances. In the video the convoy is seen with one presidential Car which is unusual but understandable since the president was only going to the airfield.

The two minute video which was innocently recorded by an NRM fan also captures another Toyota Landcruiser same model as that of the president moving back the opposite direction, this car was known to SFC otherwise it wouldn’t be allowed to move so close to the president in the opposite direction.

The fact that the president’s convoy had one car with the court of arms in the video invalidates the argument that a second car with court of arms was attacked on the convoy because this car was never there, the head of PR should be questioned on the picture posted.

The landcruiser that moved the opposite direction must have provoked chaos if at all there was chaos.

The president convoy should have video footage all the time for security purposes this is standard security protocol if it has no footage then Ugandan Security is a job. If these cameras are mounted on these vehicles as required by standard security then present them now to prove your narrative.

The Presidents statement denies SFC shooting at the crowd, the president rightly states that they left without any exchange, he adds that the procession then attacked other supporters and that’s when police acted, so the president contradicted with the earlier statement that the causing of shooting was an attack on his convoy. His lawyers must have advised that he would be criticized if his force killed since there was no evidence that at the hotel were the murder took place his convoy was seen.

2. Shooting of Yasin (BOBI Wine Driver)

There is no doubt the Yasin passed(may his soul Rest In Peace) it’s unfortunate that a young man’s life was taken and the state is not investigating why this happened and who caused the death of a young man.

Yasin was assassinated outside the hotel, there is video evidence that there was no possession outside this Hotel, there is evidence that at the time of this shooting BOBI Wine and other MPs were in the hotel refreshing up.

This being the case who shot Yasin and why? The first theory is that someone wanted to assassinate BOBI Wine, but this theory doesn’t stand putting in consideration that it not possible for BOBI wine to be seated in a car without being surrounded by fans at any moment, this would make it impossible for a bullet to find it’s way to him or the victim. So the killer knew he wasn’t shooting at BOBI but his assistant, Yet he still shot to kill.

The motive of this Killing was to embarrass President Museveni, indeed he was embarrassed and still being embarrassed the more. No world leader gives statements under these circumstances especially if it contradicts other statements of his men, they wait for investigations to avoid being embarrassed.

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The shooter was smarter than anyone, he knew when to act in that he was not seen by anyone, this proves there was no procession otherwise people should have caught this on camera or should have seen the shooter.

We know that there was tear gas, we also know that police has the monopoly of tear gas, the assumption is that the shooter was a police officer, and the tear gas was to disguise, how then did the army come in? Confusion just.

3. Did BOBI Wine have Guns?

The straight answer is no, BOBI wine had no guns and the state can’t maintain this case of guns, an attempt to continue with this case will only embarrass the state more in a malicious prosecution view or even polical persecution.

Why would BOBI Wine carry a gun to his room, an AK47? I know for a fact that all MPs were issued guns during the Togikwatako period, BOBI Wine refused this gun for a reason he gave then that people will protect him. To the best of my investigative knowledge he has no gun and had no gun on him.

State Operatives must have used this as a holding charge to continue holding him or keep him away from the public courts since he was in very bad shape.

This gun matter is another embarrassment to Mr Museveni’s security boys, it was brought up at the wrong time.

4. Torture of MPs Zaake and Kyagulanyi.

It’s annoying that at this day we can still hear cases like these come out, MPs are not ordinary people, you CANNOT I repeat CANNOT Torture a Members of Parliament.

State security should immediately arrest whoever handled or processed these two MPs, this is the only way to cover face.

All charges have become invalid, torture is internationally condemned, there are provisions within the law that prohibit torture by forces, the UN has openly made deliberations about Torture.

Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch which are recognized bodies internationally have previously made reports on torture in Uganda, the state has always claimed these reports are biased but this time evidence has presented itself, pictures of MPs tortured to close death are being released.
Hon. Zaake is currently dumped in Lubaga Hospital fighting for his life, state couldn’t even charge him in his state.

Ugandans Image should be protected, you can’t claim to want investors in the country when you can not respect basic human rights of even honorable Members of Parliament. It’s unfortunate that President hasn’t spoken about these tortures and will not speak a word why??

5. Way forward??

The army can not continue to hold a torture victim, the army has already lost ground to even proceed with charges against a torture victim.

I hate to say this but Uganda needs a lot of prayers, it appears those tasked with advising the president are cowards, it’s appears they only pick instructions from him.

As an activist I pray that Ugandans start to think outside the box, our country has leaders that can’t stand up for it, people enjoying state resources than providing a services.

I want to see police officers arrested, SFC officers arrested and prosecuted for torture if they participated. Our country must learn to respect the law, we will not have people respect the law if leaders and those in security don’t respect the law they serve.

Rwanda must be celebrating, Kayihura ordered for chicken on his menus Makindye, he has the right to.

Kagame set you up and you fell in his trap, from the day Rujugiro set up a tobacco factory in Arua, DMI has camped in Arua and operates a base there, am not surprised that violence has broken out in the same area. Uganda is at war with Rwanda and instead of bringing people together to fight intruders we are busy giving them the reason to support intruders out of emotion.

Where Credibility Matters.

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