Tanzania;I don’t Want To Get Married To Diamond But We must Make The Second baby-Hamisa Mobetto

Hamisa Mobetto has seen it all for the time she was still dating Diamond Platnumz. She was beaten up by the singer’s mother and at the end of it all even Diamond blasted her for using witchcraft to lure him into marriage.

But now Hamisa is not optimistic about getting married to Diamond. The mother of two stressed that she doesn’t want to ever get married to Diamond while answering quickfire questions during an interview on Times FM.

Hamisa however stayed tight-lipped when she was asked whether she would have another baby with Diamond. She only said no when the presenter pressed her to answer, but from her body language you could tell she is yearning to get a second baby with Diamond..

Quickfire questions
Times FM: Kufunga ndoa na Diamond?

Hamisa Mobetto: No

Times FM: Ikitokea kufanya collabo na Diamond utakua tayari?

Hamisa Mobetto: Yes

Times FM: Zari akitokea kuwa mwimbaji utakua tayari kufanya naye ngoma?

Hamisa Mobetto: Yes

Times FM: Unamfollow Diamond kwenye Instagram?

Hamisa Mobetto: No

Times FM: Unamfollow Zari kwenye Instagram?

Hamisa Mobetto: No, simfollow. Niliwai kumfollow zamani

Times FM: Unamfollow Wema kwenye Instagram?

Hamisa Mobetto: No

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Times FM: Ni kweli una mpenzi mpya?

Hamisa Mobetto: HAPANA, hapana

Times FM: Ikitokea kusign WCB utasign?

Hamisa Mobetto: Yeah

Times FM: Utatamani kuzaa tena na Diamond?

Hamisa Mobetto: mhhhhhhh mhhhh mhhhhhhh….. hamna hapo, sina uhakika

Times FM: It’s a yes or no, unatamani tena kuzaa na Diamond?

Hamisa Mobetto: Mhhh… no (shingo upande) Nliopitia yananitosha

Times FM: Ikitokea kufanya video nyingine, tuachane na ‘Salome’ ambayo uliyofanya na Diamond na Rayvanny, ya WCB utakua tayari?

Hamisa Mobetto: Yeah wakileta mkwanja mzuri ntafanya

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