Stella Nyanzi Leads The Fundraising Campaign For One Of the Arua 33 Asara Night

Stella Nyanzi has started helping and supporting women who were tortured during the Arua Fracas where One of President Museveni’s car is said to have been stoned, Many MPs and civilians got injured and tortured by the police and the SFC commandos who Guard President Museveni . NightAsara was One of them , She got canned, tortured and almost fainted just because she was asked where Bobiwine was and she didn’t know. Stella Nyanzi has Come up with A forum to Fundraise for the Arua 33 victims as she states below;


At 07:30AM, I found Night Asara still in bed at Family Care Clinic in Arua. She was wearing a lesu around her upper body. Her bandages, crutches and wheelchair were detached from her body. I witnessed her painfully wince as she turned her body to greet me. Her body was beaten, bruised, broken and brutalised by armed personnel working for Museveni’s dictatorship. She was bleeding from the genitals, limping and crying painfully when she was produced in court with Bobi Wine and the Arua-33. Today I was moved to tears when her daughter Vanessa visited and prayed to God to heal her mother. Night is a mother of six children and a carer of nineteen dependants.

The victim with Stella Nyanzi


Night is still in a lot of pain. She is still undergoing several investigations including CT scans to confirm the injury done to her head which hurts severely. Stool, urine and blood tests are still undergoing. Although she is responding to the various medicines she takes daily, she is still battling with the severe discharge caused by UTI she developed when the internal bleeding was retained in her body. She is preparing for referral to Kampala.

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Night Asara needs money to meet her varied medical costs, investigations, and hospital bills. She thanks FIDA-Uganda for giving her Three Hundred Thousand Uganda Shillings. She thanks her family and personal friends for contributing towards her healthcare costs. She also reported that she has not received any funds from any organised fundraising drives supposedly running on her behalf. And so I am putting out an SOS call for funds to help mend Night Asara’s body that was broken by the state. Please send your generous contributions to my MTN mobile money phone number (+256) 0771824117 under the reason ASARA NIGHT.

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