Signs of true Love from A man and how to keep it strong, Many people have the similar question everywhere they go how to know they are with the right people in their lives then here are the signs you are with a right lover.

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Every relationship has a period when you met with the right person you instantly fall in love with him or her, you can immediately respond to their call because you feel you want to hear their voices on daily basis, you want them to touch you every time you are with them like their idiosyncrasies. Actually when you are falling in love with him or her you find it so easy to connect together and it feels so normal and natural and have that spontaneous feeling inside both of you and you don’t need to a lot of things or offer a lot of gifts or spending much money on him or her. That is exactly what we call falling in love because it all feels free and natural and completely connected without any delay. When you find someone you are connected with this signs never hesitate to confront about what you feeling for them because it can be your chance to change everything around and your entire because falling in is the lovely best feeling you will ever experience in your entire life.
People who fall in real love always have that great deep feeling and experience where they say “I was swept by his or her touch” his or her appearance expression which made fall in love this signs always comes without doing anything and you experience that feeling while doing nothing and when times goes on falling in love is a greatest spontaneous experience in your life time but as time goes on days months and years after staying together for some times the euphoria feelings of love starts to fade away slowly by slowly and it’s a normal life experience because each marriage and relationships they go through the same experience other
As this love grows slowly by slowly making phone calls becomes harder “if at all they come in” touching each other becomes difficult and not welcome anymore and when it sometimes happens and your wife or husband idiosyncrasies rather than being cute and this drive all spouse nuts the signs of this stage every relationship starts to notice changes within both partners and dramatic situations will occur and most cases will start become inactive in bedroom issues and weak so all people who fall in love you to be prepare for this stages because nothing last forever at this stage many start to question themselves whether they are with the right lovers because when they reflect of the much endless love they once had and now no one seem to care for each other many people are not taught or prepared for this situation this is when you start experiencing marriage or relationship break ups it is always better to learn this stages so that when those hard situation comes you how and when to avoid them and fight for your relationships survival.
The best way to succeed in a marriage or a relationship is not always being with the right person but find someone who will stand by you when things seems to going in a wrong way, someone who will always advise you when you are doing wrong or when things seems not to be working in a right direction. That only partner who won’t give up on you when life has faced you down. Finding that person who will teach you how to love him or her right because many people who are in love never teaches their loved ones how they want them to be love hence leading their spouses to do mistakes they don’t want and start blaming them for their unhappy life as they are not doing enough to satisfy them and doing less about their fulfilments but extramarital fulfillment should come from both partners not only one side so that you work together as a couples in so doing both partners will find a peace happy relationship and marriage.
People should avoid working a lot without caring for partners spending less time with them and spend most of the time they hang out with their friends, watching television daily, engaging in abusive substances groups and undermine their spouses in public but the responses to this dilemma does not lie outside your marriage or relationships till you learn solve your own problems within your cycle no solutions you will ever get by running away from your own problems and this isn’t a guarantee you shouldn’t go out find another person, you can but still it will be for a short time and again you experience the old situation after some sweet welcomes because there is no perfect life that’s what applies even when you fall in love with someone and still you will put a blame on the another person.
To sustain your relationship or marriage you to have to be determined to work daily to make it work no matter how difficulties you go through no situation is permanent it takes a lot of effort, energy and time and most crucial thing is to use the wisdom you have to make it work for both of you as you ask the almighty to intervene in your relationship and marriage because any love which is based on God never will ever fail it is always lead by God, love isn’t a mystery their things you say or command without the consent of your spouse because their laws in all marriage and relationship which should apply any time or any day if you don’t apply them you may find your relationship or marriage on the verge of collapsing so each partner should know their roles in love to avoid misunderstandings and separations.
Love is a choice to stay in it or leave because many get it wrongly and are in abusive relationships and marriages fearing to be heartbroken but this has hindered a lot of people from finding happiness and always keep this in mind it is only and only God who will determines who will stay in your life and who will make you happy not yourself to decide who should make you happier, holding people in your life who doesn’t value your worth because when you don’t let go the bad people out of your life you may end up in a disastrous life and rerating more, and first and more last import art thing you should seek God first before falling in love in order to avoid fake people may just come to hurt you feelings and even after getting that right partners always remember that you got him/her from God and never forget to pray daily God to guide to have a success relationship or marriage.