Secrets Exposed- Computer Workers Beware Of These 10 Signs, Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs here is the 10 signs that a computer worker should beware of,

Now-a-days, everything what we deal with like bill payment, ticket booking, shopping, money transfer etc are converted into digital way, As technology has grown so faster, the cyber crime also grown so ans so faster. One should be very carefull in using those technologies.

10.New Icons

Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
  • When you launch yor browser, say for example “Google Chrome”, if some new icons are found on your dashboard, surely it is a hacker work.
  • It is a sign of some dangerous codes in your computer.
  • Dont run unknown applications, if so then you are making the job of a hacker more easier. Try to delete that inknown application from your computer.

9.Your Password

Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
  • If your password is not working, then it is also a sign from a hacker.
  • If you are not able to acces some of your account, in which you didn’t change your password, Immediately change your password by giving forgot password and confirm with your given phone number.
  • Inform your friends about the situation and not to read or send any messages for some days to that account.

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8.Antivirus Switched Off

Anti virus

  • First of all, Anti Virus Programs a little harder to Turn it of, as it asks more times to make the confirmation with the user as it has a special safety protocol.
  • The first thing a hacker do is to disable the anti virus.
  • Soon if you know that the anti virus is off, please turn it on immediately and contact your specialist.

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7.Fake Anti-Virus Message

Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
  • If you see different and unusual messages from anti virus program, then it is definitely a work of a hacker.
  • Another bad sign is a message from antivirus that you didn’t install.
  • Don’t worry, check your installed antivirus program for updates .

6.Number of Friends

social media

  • If your friends list on social media increases without your knowledge, surely it is hacked.
  • Find the unknown people on your friend list and unfriend them.
  • Check the chats with your friends wheather any spam message is found.

5.Slow Work


  • Your system works slowly, that even if a simple operation takes along time to complete.
  • The internet speed also slows down without any reason, there is a problem of hacker.
  • Restart your system and check the performance again
  • It might be software updates, launch your task manager and check for the process that is going on.
  • If all these things are fine and you experience the same problem, you know what to do..
  • Yes disconnect the internet and call for a specialist.

4.Webcam Unusual


  • Check your webcam indicator, check for any applications such as skype, face time running on background that acess your webcam.
  • If the webcam indicator is on or it blinks with no reason, you needs to restart the system and check again.
  • And If it is on again, there is a problem.
  • Disconnect the internet and call a specialist.

3.Cursor Movement

Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
  • If your cursor is moving without your control and highlights a specific things, then your computer is definitely hacked.
  • If so, disable your internet connection as soon as possible.
  • Turn off your Wifi or remove the ethernet cable and fix the problem


Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
Computer workers Beware of these 10 signs
  • The hacker attacks not only affect your computer but also the peripheral devices connected to them.
  • If your printer prints something which you doesn’t make to print, it is a warning signal.
  • It is applicable to all other peripheral devices connected to your computer.

1.Redirecting Websites

  • You should be alert if your browser redirects to different websites.
  • Call a specialist if a situation like if you type one thing and browser redirects to some other websites that you don’t know.
  • When you see too many pop up windows, the same things done by hacker.

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