Holy Father, many people went to sleep looking forward to a new day for a new start, but just did not make it through. But for those who made it, we pray that the new day will not just be a new day, but a new beginning to learn to put You first in all things we do, a day to pray more, a day to love more, and a day to give more of our love to Jesus,

More of our time in helping others, and more time to your service. Father, we want to take this time out to say thank You! thank You! thank you!

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Thank for all the many blessings that You have restored upon our families and friends. Father, we pray that You would go before us each day, and open doors for us that we cannot see. Open our eyes to see your will for our lives, that our spiritual lives will be more productive, not an end nor a beginning, but with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and with true Godly love.
We ask that you teach us to trust You for all things, no matter how dark our path may seams.

And Father, we thank You for your only begotten son who died to set us free from sin, that we can have a relationship with Thee, because while we were yet sinners Jesus died for us, we thank You for loving us. And for all our friends and families that we have today, please forgive us all of our sins, and help us to make it into Your kingdom. Bless each marriages, and bind their hearts together in love.

Thank for your blessing that we should prosper and be in good health. Help us to be faithful to your promise. And when You shall burst the eastern sky, and we all see Jesus coming to take His children home, may we hear Well done, good and faithful servants thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things, enter thou into the joy of thy lord. Hallelujah! Oh Father, we thank you for loving us, and for hearing our prayer today, in Jesus Holy name we pray. Amen!

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