Political Leaders Sowing Seeds Of intolerance -Bazukulu

Political tolerance is the willingness to extend basic rights and other sorts of liberties to persons whose views differ from your own. This is the basis of democracy which we all desire for our mother Uganda.

People power pressure group doesn’t value free speech. Everyone must respect everyone else’s rights and principles for as long as ones behavior doesn’t threaten the rights and security of other Ugandans.

How will you provide a fundamental change if you can’t tolerate those with different political views. How will you be any different from those you are fighting to show exit.

Bobi Wine: Uganda&pop star MP cleared to fly to US for treatment

Being patient and tolerant of other people’s political beliefs is a strong aspect in leadership. Freedom of speech is such a right that all Ugandans are entitled to, it shouldn’t be suffocated by anuyone. Bazukulu are politically divided now that they are increasingly not tolerant to those with different views and have actually lost respect for one another or coexistence.
Bazukulu in people power you should understand that this is not just lack of manners but a big blow to our growing democracy.

Bazukulu following Bobi wine be reminded that arrogance and lack of respect for others shouldn’t make you believe that your rights are all important while you undermine the rights and freedoms of those who disagree with you on principle.
Why is it becoming increasingly hard for you to respect the Bazukulu in NRM, is this because they have more political, economic and social power or do you feel invisible and unable to play a meaningful part in Uganda’s politics today.

If you can’t tolerate a musician like Bebe cool just because he has different political views which kind of leaders are you, what kind of country do you want to lead you hungry vultures.
If you truly want to take over from our grandparents you must be ready to understand that not all us will think and act like you. How will you provide all inclusive leadership if you are not willing to accept that everyone is different and through such difference we have our strength.

Bobi wine and your group your turning out to be intolerant to those you disagree with each other day. YOU WILL NEVER WIN BY BEING INTOLERANT.

Your following is turning out to be a bunch of hooligans. These yesterday were throwing bottles and plastic cups at Bebe Cool while he was performing at a music concert. Why can’t we draw lines between politics and other social activities for heaven’s sake this was a concert where you should interest yourself in music not politics, we can’t carry our political differences everywhere, we can’t be politicking all the time and by such behavior as seen yesterday it’s no doubt that your crowd in Arua pelted stones at the presidential motorcade.


This group is turning out to be very capable of violence, we recall the incidents in Jinja, Bugiri and Arua. The fact that these young guys at the concert who paid reasonable money to attend and expected to be the elites of the people power pressure group were throwing bottles what about the least exposed, those in the ghetto. The fact they were chanting people power slogans as they did all this is evidence enough leaders are preaching violence.

This kind of political hooliganism and extremism is unacceptable. Let’s practice unity in diversity. We all have and share equal rights

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