People power Our power~Bobi wine

After 17 years of waiting, today the nation goes to polls to elect LC1 Chairpersons countrywide. I am totally opposed to the concept of lining up behind candidates (in 2018), and the idea of the leaders at the most basic level running alongside political party lines. To me, these can cause grave divisions amongst our people. However, since our advice on these issues was ignored, we cannot fail to participate in the elections.

Let me remind all of us that the LC1 leadership is very important in our daily lives. It is the foundation of our society and for this reason I have been encouraging young people to get nominated and participate actively in this election. As we know, to get your passport or National I.D. you need an LC1 stamp. For you to buy or sell land, you need the LC1 committee. Even at marriage, you may be required to produce a letter from the LC1. These LCs also play a key role in other national elections and having a forward-looking LC1 Chairperson may prevent vote rigging at a polling station.


I therefore encourage you friends to go out there and vote for your leaders. I urge you to vote for competent, patriotic leaders who are incorruptible. Vote for men and women who care about our nation. Rally behind leaders who cherish these timeless values- democracy, the rule of law and respect for human dignity. Regardless of tribe, religion or political affiliation, support candidates who will contribute to the well being of our country. We can do it, because we are the people, and we have the power!

And tomorrow, let us once again display the #peoplepower by peacefully protesting against the unfair #MobileMoneyTax and the #SocialMediaTax. #ThisTaxMustGo

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