Our Armed Forces Will Take Action : Beijing Warns Taiwan After Attempts

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BEIJING (Africanews)- The Chinese armed forces will take any action if someone tries to separate Taiwan from China, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe said on Thursday.

“If someone tries to¬†separate Taiwan from¬†China, the Chinese armed forces will take action at¬†any price,” Wei said at¬†the Xiangshan Forum on¬†security, held in¬†Beijing between¬†Wednesday and Friday.

However, the chinese armed forces always cling to the peaceful way of development and will not ever engage in an arms race or military expansion, Wei Fenghe stressed.

“The strategic goal of¬†our military development has always been clear and transparent. The Chinese military is committed to¬†the peaceful way of¬†development. We in¬†China love and value peace that is why the peaceful way of¬†development has become our government policy‚Ķ The Chinese military will never become a threat to¬†other countries. Regardless of¬†our level of¬†development, we will not seek hegemony, we will no engage in¬†any military expansion or arms race,” Wei said at¬†the Xiangshan Forum on¬†security, held in¬†Beijing between¬†Wednesday and Friday.

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“China is against¬†the Cold War mentality, the arms race and egoism of¬†some countries. China seeks to¬†cling to¬†openness and inclusiveness instead of¬†confrontation and the creation of¬†alliances,” the minister added.

Official relations between central Chinese authorities and Taiwan stopped in 1949, when the Kuomintang government led by Chiang Kai-shek fled to Taipei after being defeated by the Chinese Communist Party, establishing the Republic of China on the island. Informal contacts resumed in 1980s. Beijing does not recognize Taiwanese independence and claims the island is part of China. Taiwan similarly does not recognize the central government in Beijing.

China has been repeatedly calling on¬†other countries to¬†cut their ties with¬†Taiwan. Beijing has already slammed the United States for¬†maintaining informal diplomatic relations with¬†Taiwan in¬†spite of¬†formally sticking to¬†the “One China” policy stipulating that Taiwan is a Chinese territory.

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