Nobody will bring down NRM govt, we have very powerful forces that can defeat even external parasitic elements-Museveni

By President Museveni

Uganda has reached the take-off point. When I started the Uganda Manufacturers Association with the Late Mulwana, our membership used to be around 80 companies.
The factories that we have in Uganda are now standing at 4,725. Only last week, before I left for China, I opened four new factories in one week: one for cement, one for electronic products and 2 for tea. Many factories are in the pipeline for opening. You will be hearing about them.

With the five points – peace, health, education, regional integration and infrastructure, Uganda is beginning to gallop.
We shall soon add on the issue of a modern train that will make the transport of goods cheaper.
Development Bank, we are addressing the question of the cost of money for factories and agriculture. With low electricity costs, low transport costs, low cost of money and with the 10 years tax holidays, Uganda is unstoppable, given what we have already done with education, health, other elements of infrastructure already mentioned and regional.

On Foreign elements fighting Uganda

The present campaign against Uganda by some indisciplined elements or those working with or on the behalf of some external groups that we have detected. Those elements, separately or jointly, cannot stop the galloping forward of Uganda’s economy.
Their malice may temporarily affect sectors like tourism but that will be compensated for by customers from other sources. This take off point could have been achieved earlier if partners like the World Bank had been serious.
We are going to build the railway either by ourselves or with the Chinese support. The Chinese friends also helped us with the electricity and the ICT backbone.

06 areas of weakness that we must address
Nevertheless, there are six areas of weakness that we must address.
The first is corruption by Government officials who take bribes. These are easy to uproot.
Just get information on them and pass it on to the toll-free number 0800-100770 belonging to my office. This is in addition to a unit I announced during the June 2018 State of the Nation address. You will see what we shall do with them.

You heard what I did with the officials in the Ministry of Finance, Immigration and Uganda Revenue Authority. This is a problem that persists because the crooks are not exposed.
Indiscipline Opposition politicians- Telling lies to foreigners will not help them
the indisciplined Opposition politicians that are accused of terrorism against the population, conspiracy to commit arson or treason should be handled firmly by all concerned – the Police, the Prosecution and the Courts. We should not allow these wrong doers to intimidate our people. Telling lies to foreigners will not help them because the facts are on the ground.

Rescuing our youth from those indisciplined politicians

Sometimes, our youth go into these criminal projects because they want money. They do not enjoy doing this. I have this information on good authority. Many of the young people have some education or even good education but they have no jobs, no property and no capital.
The effort that we have already deployed of empowering the youth to take part in producing products for import-substitution and export promotion will be expanded to include these youth. These youth are not a problem but an asset. The purchasing power of Uganda is growing. If our youth are helped to produce goods, the Ugandans will buy them; or they will be bought in the region; or, if the quality is assured, those goods will go to external markets.
The more educated youth are engaged in making the Kiira and Kayoola, the solar electric cars and mini-buses, as well as food processing using the Government provided Innovation Fund.

Urban Crime 
The urban crime that saw the death of the Sheikhs, of Joan Kagezi, Kiggundu, Kawesi, Magara, Abiriga had scared people. Some of the criminals in these murders have been identified, arrested and they are in Courts.
We have built up capacity to defeat rural terrorism decisively and rapidly. The criminals in the urban areas are not strong at all. Their main weapon is concealment.
It is clear that the intelligence has been weak in the cases where the murders have been committed, like in the cases of Kagezi and the others. This weak area is being strengthened. The second method is to rely on the human beings at the scene of the crime that was being committed – the eye witnesses and the other clues that the criminal may be leaving behind.
The third method is to deploy more technical means in detecting and witnessing possible crimes. By the last, we mean cameras, drones and other means.

The proof of this is the fact that we have been having huge pre-announced events like the Commonwealth Meeting in 2007, the visit of the Pope twice, the annual Namugongo Martyrs Day when 3 million people gather there etc., without even a single incident of terrorism. It is only when we are relaxed that you get those gaps that the criminals and terrorists use.

To discipline the media

Fifthly, is to bring discipline and balance in the media (TVs, radios, newspapers and social-media).
These, most of the time, report in a tendecious and mendacious manner. The Government and the NRM have been asleep when it comes to media management.
To shout on social-media, NBS TV, NTV, Okot Ogong’s radio in Lira or even CNN that the NRM is useless to the citizens.

We should not allow the diversion of any of our people by the tendecious and mendacious media – local or foreign. Organizationally and technically, we are going to deploy means to handle this sabotage.
We can, then, see how to deal with the racist foreign media which believes that Africans are incapable of doing anything right unless they are puppets of Western interests.
Sixth and, finally, the NRM must stand firmly and unequivocally with the Bibanja holders in Buganda, Ankole, Tooro and Bunyoro where that evil system had been introduced by the British.
the bibanja owners be assured that the NRM and myself, as your leader in the resistance, will not abandon you. I thank Justice Bamugemereire for moving in some of the areas and exposing the criminality of the landlords.
Last word 
Uganda is on the ascent; nobody will bring it down, no matter how hard they try. We have very powerful internal forces that will combine to defeat the primitive fascists backed by external parasitic elements. We are in the process of tightening the weak points. Be calm and supportive. The rest we shall handle.

We have Allies across the globe
As far as the external relations are concerned, we always work with the African countries, the Asian countries, the Latin American countries in the South-south Co-operation.
We work with the countries of the British Commonwealth and with the European Union under the ACP-EU Lome arrangements.
We work with the USA under the AGOA arrangement which, helped by our sister Rosa Whitaker, I negotiated with President Bill Clinton. With the European Countries, we share the religion of Christianity and basic principles of democracy.

Interfering in the internal affairs of other countries is morally and practically wrong

Morally wrong because the question is: “What superior intelligence do you have to think that you can understand the problem in my house better that we the occupants? If there is a problem in our house, we the occupants will solve it. Keep out. It is also practically wrong because outsiders cannot have enough information about a foreign situation. They are most likely to make mistakes.
The examples are numerous: Vietnam, Cambodia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya. When foreigners were chased from Vietnam, it is now one of the fastest growing economies in the World.
What was the justification for foreigners making so much chaos about something they did not understand? Besides, what is good for the goose is good for the gander.

If there is any problem in Uganda, I, surely, will handle it better than the outsider.
In Africa, on the other hand, NGOs funded by foreign Governments, actually give money to opposition players, give advice, lie on their behalf etc. These foreigners may think that Africans are weak and foolish. Indeed, that is what Henry Kissinger is reported to have said once in 1973 in the Arab-Israel war.

The issue of torture which has been bandied around so much in recent times, like all the issues of security in Uganda, is something that will not take me 10 minutes to understand.
I have either been watching or observing these issues for the last 56 years. Indeed, on the 20thJune, 2018, I wrote a circular letter to all the security personnel when this issue was raised in the media. Which genius in the World can understand this issue more than some of us that have been handling all this for so long?
There has been so much talk about the torture by the security forces of people like Hons: Bobi Wine and Zaake.
This talk is in the media and in other non-Court fora. Yet, these are matters in the Courts of Law. The questions in the minds of those who love fairness are the following: “What if those allegations turn out to be false? How will the accusers, local and foreign, rectify the injustice they have done to the Security forces? If any one of them implied or said that where I commented on the Arua events since I was on the scene, I was telling lies, will I be entitled to damages? That will be good for my Party, the NRM. Some of the NGO money via the Opposition may, in the end, help to fund the NRM.

Final question in this connection: “Do the Security Forces personnel have rights according to these “human rights” activists or are they to be assaulted, beaten, stoned or maligned with impunity?.”

Uganda is not a failed state

Uganda is not a failed state. It has powerful institutions: the armed forces, the LC structures, the Leagues, the District Parliaments (Councils – 123 of them), the National Parliament, the Ministries etc., etc.
These have handled the issues of Uganda from a very low base to where it is now. If there are people of good will, the World is not short of vacuum areas, where there is no state authority. They could, surely, help there if they have some redundant capacity. There is Afghanistan, Somalia, Eastern Congo, Iraq, Yemen etc.

Ugandans you liberated yourselves from tyranny and death. See the mass graves in the Luwero Triangle. We are the only ones that can guarantee our future. The way it was in the past, so it is today and so it shall in the future. We are the ones to guarantee our future working with friends that respect our sovereignty and our intelligence.
Coming to the Political Parties, apart from the legal and court solutions, there is the standing arrangement of political dialogue through Interparty Organization for Dialogue (IPOD).

I am going to ask the NRM delegates to that forum to raise the issue of political violence, the issue of alleged torture, the issue of inter-party support for taking advantage of the youth dividend by expanding their empowerment that has already started. Cabinet decided that the State House Comptroller, Madam Lucy Nakyobe, should head this effort because she has already started and what she has done has been successful.
Long live the NRM, Long live Uganda, Long live Africa.

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