Netanyahu aims to complete total ‘annexation’ of Jerusalem from Palestine

Annews24 image by ©️Damien k

Annews24/news24 , In light of the recent grave developments in Jerusalem and the Israeli occupation’s accelerated and egregious violations committed against the Palestinian people’s national and human rights in the occupied city,

Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) Executive Committee Member, Hanan Ashrawi, said on Wednesday that “the reality and future of Jerusalem is a litmus test for the world.”

Ashrawi appealed to governments around the world and all members of the international community to hold Israel accountable for its illegal actions in occupied Jerusalem.
Ashrawi said, “Since the beginning of the year, Israel has accelerated and intensified its efforts to entrench its colonial military occupation, especially in and around occupied Jerusalem. Such measures include Israel’s theft of Palestinian lands, the expansion of its illegal settlement enterprise, the arrest of Palestinian representatives and officials and the deliberate targeting of Palestinian ministries and institutions, the revocation the IDs and residency status of Palestinians, the demolition of commercial and residential Palestinian-owned properties and other structures, and the expulsion of Palestinians from their homes, among other flagrant violations of international law and relevant conventions.”
Ashrawi continued, “Israel’s extremist, racist government coalition headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is deliberately and systematically working to complete the total annexation and isolation of Jerusalem from its Palestinian environs and surrounding areas, as well as the distortion of the occupied city’s demographic, historical and cultural character.”
“Clearly, this is evidence of Israel’s objective to implement its fundamentalist Zionist plan of superimposing ‘Greater Israel’ on all of historic Palestine, thus making its colonial occupation regime and apartheid discriminatory rule of the Palestinian people permanent and irreversible.”
Ashrawi added, “These measures pose a strategic threat to Palestinian human and national rights, especially through the imposition of new and ‘permanent’ realities on the ground that deliberately undermine the achievement of Palestinian statehood.
“The current US administration’s dangerous policies on Jerusalem and other core issues have emboldened Israel to persist in its unbridled and egregious violations with full impunity and with a total disdain for international law and the global rule of law. Equally, the international community has maintained Israel’s impunity by refraining from holding Israel accountable for these grave measures and illegal policies, as well as for failing to provide protection for the Palestinian people. In these conditions, where the principle of accountability is ignored, justice and peace will remain elusive and the culture of impunity will be further entrenched, threatening not only regional peace and security but also undermining the international legal and political order.
Ashrawi called on the international community “to take immediate steps to hold Israel accountable for its persistent and willful violations and urged them to effectively adopt policies and laws that unequivocally ban the support of and/or profiteering from the illegal Israeli settler-colonial regime of occupation in Palestine, especially in Jerusalem.
She also appealed to the world to increase its support for Jerusalem and its embattled institutions, which have been systematically targeted by the Israeli government and the current US administration.
Ashrawi concluded, “At a time when the rights-based international system is under threat, the reality and future of Jerusalem is a litmus test for the world and the integrity of its legal and political system. It is our hope that the global community and people of conscience will rise to the challenge and defend the universality and indivisibility of human rights. The world must not fail Jerusalem.”